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5 June 2022: Opening of Unity Park and Gaia Culture Installation

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

On World Environment Day, 5 June 2022 at Home for Humanity Integral Home Campus:

“This Sunday, June 5th, we were about thirty in Hotonnes for the opening of the Park of L'UNITE and the inauguration of the first installation of Geaculture in France carried out by the sculptor Marko Pogacnik named artist for peace by Unesco and other artists inspired by the Charter of "Home for Humanity" and by the land of Hotonnes in the region of Haut Valromey.

With the Deputy Mayor of Haut Valromey, Coralie Chapeland, I had the honour of unveiling the exquisite glass panel made by our fellow artist Simona Cudovan, which depicts and explains the 12 cosmograms and the purpose of this Gaia Culture installation.

Together we honoured Gaia, the Earth, and revealed to the world, through the forms sculpted in the "stone serpent", the universal message of the Humanity Charter; we planted seeds of Peace, Gratitude, Creativity, Consciousness and Love for the future of the Earth and of humanity.

It was a concert of flavours, poems and music from all corners of the world.

Yes, creating another world together is possible!”

- Marie-Agnès Gauthier (France), Collaboratingartist of the Gaia Culture Installation

“On June 5, I had a great chance to visit Home for Humanity to mark the the World Environment Day. The day was very special to me for several reasons. Firstly, we breathed fresh air and heard birds chirping as we observed the stone sculptures created by Marko Pogacnik and his fellow artists. Secondly, I was so happy to receive a tree from Home for Humanity to mark the opening of the Unity Park dedicated to planting trees to honour the unique values of the diverse cultures of the world. On this day, Home for Humanity dedicated four flowering trees to honour: Ukraine, Europe (marking European Green Week), Ecuador and my home country of Kyrgyzstan. I was proud to share the many values that I treasure in Kyrgyz culture, like welcoming strangers and celebrating our art, music and culture. I named the tree: 'Kyrgyzstan - hospitality'. As a young woman and justice advocate from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, it meant a lot to me, and this is the first time I was given a tree as a gift. Lastly, the day was continued by an amazing concert of live music,which I also contributed to with my traditional Kyrgyz instrument, the komuz, and on the piano, and deep conversations with friends and new acquaintances.

A Big thank you to Home for Humanity, Alexander and Rama for organizing this event, advocating for the protection of the environment and strengthening international unity and solidarity.”

- CholponKaizanarova (justice advocate, Kyrgyzstan)

“I am honoured to have participated in and played music at this event. It has nourished my soul.

At the inauguration of the Gaia Culture Installation and the Unity Park, I played with the triplet: a triple flute made of elder wood. While playing in front of and against the stones, I felt the presence of the stones and the presence of the people who created these works.

I was in my heart and felt in simplicity the love of these creators.

Then at the Integral Courtyard of Home for Humanity, I played music at the concert of poetry and prose by Rama and Alexander, and with all the people participating, wrapped in sincerity.

I played with all my musical instruments and with my heart, for humanity.

It was delicious because we participated in the creation of the new world.

Gratitude and bravo for having dared this movement together towards life.”

Musician Gerald Constant:

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