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activates and actualizes the transformative potential of humanity.


Based on the dynamic interconnectedness and wholeness of life,

it provides an integral approach

to address the burning issues of our societies

and to catalyse integral innovations and transformative initiatives

to co-create a just and regenerative "Home on Earth" for all life.

The Art and Science of Integral Transformation is the theoretical and practical foundation

of all our programmes. It constitutes the powerful fusion of two transformative methodologies, developed over the past decades:

The Integral Worlds Approach by TRANS4M Center for Integral Development 

and the methodology of the Theatre of Transformation Academy,  

developed with the Oxford Enacting Global Transformation Initiative.

Both methodologies focus on whole person and whole systems transformation.


The Art and Science of Integral Transformation

integrates ground-breaking scientific knowledge, perennial wisdom sources,

regenerative practices from diverse cultures, and direct hands-on experience on all continents.

The THEORY OF CHANGE, underpinning the Art and Science of Integral Transformation, is that the actualization of humanity’s transformative potential requires the purposeful integration of  all dimensions of life: ecological, cultural, educational, scientific, systemic, as well as human and spiritual.

Further, it requires the dynamic and progressive inclusion of all realms of life – from individual human life, to home, to community, to organisation, to culture and geography, to planet. It integrates being, becoming, knowing, doing, and awakening. 

The Humanity Charter encapsulates this integral theory of change through its interconnected sections on unity, nature, culture, education and systems.

2020 12 Theory of Change Visual.jpg

Our PROGRAMMES actualize this integral theory of change through transformative journeys, mirroring the flow of the Humanity Charter and the successive realms of life.

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