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Home for Humanity Contributes to the Emergence

of an Inclusive Earth Civilization, through our Programmes, in Alliance with our Global Collaborators.


The Home for Humanity Community is honoured that our contribution to fulfilling this mission was recognized,

in September 2020, with the Award for Project of Excellence in Community Wellbeing, Peace and Education.

This award was presented by the Visioneers International Network, whose mission is to celebrate and showcase outstanding human achievements. 


The award honours “Home for Humanity for its magnificent contribution to a future of peace in our global diverse village… It models the sacredness of home as a central aspect of all peoples, it celebrates the colour, the art, the music, the poetry, the knowledge and wisdom traditions and cultural richness of this diversity that is a prime example of human nobility.” 

2020 10 H4H Home for Humanity Visioneers
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