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1 March 2024: Earth Artistry for Planetary Impact– 5 Exceptional New Earth Artists awarded

Updated: Mar 8

Within the inspiring virtual space of ETHNOKINO’s Doc Impact Lab for “Mov(i)ement Fellows”, the Home for Humanity movement for human flourishing and planetary regeneration awarded five artists with the Earth Artist Award.

Each of the Awardees uniquely presents a shining example of an Earth Artist, defined as an artist:

  • Whose creativity heals and unites humanity;

  • Who preserves and revitalizes culture;

  • Who bridges divided societies;

  • And who regenerates life on Earth. With Tatiana Speed from Canada, Enzo Ikah from DR Congo –Turkey, Ama Nyarko-Jones from Germany-Uganda-Ghana, Cihan Elci from Kurdistan, and Dr. Eda Elif Tibet from Turkey – Switzerland, the Earth Artist award ceremony honored artists across four continents, and across highly diverse cultural expressions – from activist music to healing fashion, from transformative filmmaking and storytelling to resistance poetry.

Pictures of the Earth Artists and Host

Earth Artists: Tatiana Speed, Enzo Ikah, Dr. Eda Elif Tibet, Ama Nyarko Jones, Cihan Elci, and one of the Hosts: Arjuna Hiffler Mani

The highly engaging, inspiring and moving Award Ceremony was filled with philosophical depth, artistic performances and creative exercises. Skillfully moderated by Arjuna Hiffler Mani, philosopher-artist-entrepreneur and member of the founding family of the Home for Humanity association, this event opened hearts and horizons – and stimulated artistic co-creation across borders, ethnicities and artforms.

During the session, a new webpage, dedicated to the Earth Artists has been launched – profiling each of the Earth Artists and inviting for active engagement with their inspiring creations. Don’t miss visiting the page.

The spirit and potential of the newly emerging field of Earth Artistry, initiated by Home for Humanity, and the Earth Artist award are powerfully evoked and distilled by these concluding profound reflections of Ama Nyarko Jones:

I had the incredible honor of attending the Home for Humanity Earth Artistry Award Ceremony, an event that left me feeling inspired, touched, and profoundly humbled. As I stood among fellow artists and creators, I couldn't help but sense the immense potential of this award to act as a catalyst for upcoming talents in the realm of Earth Artistry.

Receiving the Home for Humanity Earth Artistry Award was an experience that transcended mere recognition. It felt like a validation of the power that art heals and can shape our understanding of the world and inspire positive change. This award is more than just a symbol of individual achievement; it’s a beacon of hope for the artistic community, signaling that our collective efforts to create a more regenerative future are relevant and significant.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Home for Humanity Award is its potential to fuel the creative fires of emerging artists. As I accepted the accolade, I couldn't help but envision a future where this recognition serves as a stepping stone for those who are just beginning their artistic journeys. This award has the power to nurture talent, encourage innovation, and foster a sense of purpose among artists who strive to contribute to the betterment of our planet.


While virtual gatherings have become a necessity in our modern world, there is an undeniable magic that comes with in-person events. The Home for Humanity Earth Artistry Award Ceremony reminded me of the profound impact of sharing physical space with like-minded individuals. The energy, the exchange of ideas, and the collaborative spirit that permeated the ceremony underscored the importance of offline events where we can truly be creative together and co-create Home on Earth.


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of art and activism, let us hope for more opportunities to come together in person. The Home for Humanity Earth Artistry Award Ceremony served as a testament to the transformative power of shared experiences, and it is my sincere wish that such gatherings become more prevalent. By fostering connections, sparking collaborations, and celebrating the beauty of our shared home, we can continue to inspire positive change through the arts.


The Home for Humanity Earth Artistry Award Ceremony was more than a celebration of individual accomplishments; it was a collective acknowledgment of the transformative impact art can have on our world. Let us carry the spirit of this event forward, using it as a source of motivation to create, collaborate, and co-create a more beautiful and harmonious home on Earth.”

Ama Nyarko-Jones, Germany, Uganda-Ghana, Earth Artist 2024


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