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Earth Artists

There are artists across diverse cultures all around the world 

whose creativity heals and unites humanity,

preserves and revitalises culture,

bridges divided societies,

and regenerates life on Earth.


We call them “Earth Artists”


Discover here the remarkable Earth Artists we collaborate and co-create with in cultures around the world.

Ama Nyarko Jones Healing Pattern Logo H4H.png

Earth Artists originate artwork

that actively contributes to an inclusive, regenerative, just and peaceful Earth Culture.

Here we showcase, honour and engage

with such highly original artists,

from all continents, dedicated to a world

that is a united Home for Humanity.


Discover the special artworks inspired by the vision and mission

of the Home for Humanity movement and the One Home Journey,

which these Earth Artists have generously gifted to the world – to inspire people everywhere to tap into their own creativity

to serve humanity and the Earth.

(click ‘more’ to discover their gifts of Earth Artistry!) 

Pops Mohamed

Pops Mohamed

Legendary Afro-Jazz Musician

Known by fans as the "Minister of Music", he plays a wide variety of instruments African mouth bow, bird whistle, berimbau, didgeridoo, guitar, keyboard, kora, and the thumb piano. He produced Finding One's Self, the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa's award-winning album.

South Africa

Bill Kelly -             (1943-2023)

Bill Kelly - (1943-2023)

Award-winning Humanist Artist for Peace & Human Rights

Recognized internationally as an artist and activist who works in many media though his past history resonates throughout his artistic enterprise characterized by a humanist approach and “socially committed” creative practice.


Paul Grant - (1951-2024)

Paul Grant - (1951-2024)

Maestro, Sufi and Hindustani Musician

American by birth, Oriental at heart and Genevois by adoption and is also one of the few westerners who has dedicated himself to the study of oriental music for almost 50 years. He is recognized for his mastery of the art of santur playing in several musical traditions: India, Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir.


Tatiana Speed

Tatiana Speed

Transformative Musician & Social Activist

Canadian singer/songwriter, poet and storyteller who uses music as a way to inspire social change and transformation, and as a conduit for meditation, healing and inner reflection.


Dr. Eda Elif Tibet

Dr. Eda Elif Tibet

Filmmaker and Storyteller

Filmmaker, Media Impact Campaigner, Storyteller, Himalaya Lover, forest lover, academic, Paulo Freire & Dalai Lama admirer, Human Rights Activist, Visual Anthropologist.


Ama Nyarko Jones

Ama Nyarko Jones

Art Therapy, Healing, Fashion, Design

Art Therapist / Print/Textile designer, speaks three languages: German, English, Dutch


Marko Pogačnik

Marko Pogačnik

Initiator, Gaia Culture, UNESCO Peace Artist

Engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work and developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture, by using stone pillars with carved cosmograms, positioned on acupuncture points of the given landscape. He calls it “lithopuncture”.


Enzo Ikah

Enzo Ikah

Musician & Activist for Peace & Refugee Rights

İnternationally Dubbed Reggae Musician, An Activist for Peace and Refugee Rights, Enzo Ikah is a graduate in Psychology and Phılosophy.

DR Congo/Turkey

Cihan Elci

Cihan Elci

Film, Photography, Poetry

Flute Player, Music Enthusiast, Cook, Food and Portrait Photographer, Dengbej lover, Biologist, Kurdish Culture Promoter, Videographer. Speaks 5 Languages: Kurdish & Turkish & English & German & French.

Kurdistan / Switzerland

Find out more about our work on Earth Artistry and Earth Cultures 

and Write to us to connect to our Earth Artists

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