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Annual Report English: 2022

Rapport Annuel Français: 2022

Home for Humanity ANNUAL REPORT 2022 - Overview Video

Annual Report: 2020, Annual Review 2021

Rapport Annuel Français: 2020

Foreword by Co-Chairs

Youssef Mahmoud.jpg

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud


Former UN Under Secretary-General,

Head of UN Peace Operations

in Central Africa

“We are living through a disorienting time, a time in which humanity is waging war against itself and seems to be on a collision course with the planet. COP26 in Glasgow did not turn out to be the great planet-saving game changer many had hoped it would be. But not all is lost. We have never been better equipped to understand what is happening to our ecosystem and what needs to be done to stem the tide.


The report presented here eloquently summarizes what an inter-generational group of committed earth citizens using their inner and outer homes can do to transform our collective consciousness of impending disaster into meaningful actions for the wellbeing of people and planet.


This is the mission of Home for Humanity. And I feel privileged to be an intimate observer of how this initiative is gradually growing from a simple local project into a global alliance of like-minded earth pioneers.


As a future ancestor yearning to give back, I now feel empowered to add my own brick to this evolving human edifice where science, wisdom and experience are seamlessly integrated from the inside out in the service of a regenerative future.


If the calamitous changes engulfing our home on earth activate you, you will find in these reports inspiring pathways for you to join the next earth agora, an assembly of transformative agents committed to reinvent a world where peace between peoples and with nature is the norm not the exception.”

"Friends, we are in ending times, unknown in recorded history. How do we move from today's Apocalypse to tomorrow's Agora: an inclusive Earth Agora, in which citizens of the Earth come together to shape the possible future that works for all life? This is what the Home for Humanity movement invites us to.


This is why for the last ten years I have encouraged - and often helped instigate - the unfolding story of Home for Humanity in my close association with Rama and Alexander. Since Home for Humanity’s formal establishment as a non-profit in January 2020, as Co-Chair, I have seen its vision spread on every continent, and its deep and wide impact in just these two years. I am deeply gratified to witness first-hand the profound resonance the Humanity Charter has had in multiple forums of changemakers the world over, and, above all, to see how Home for Humanity’s co-creators are actualizing this vision of creating an inclusive world civilization through their practice in their communities around the world.


Given the current state of humanity and our planet, I strongly believe in this report of the strategic priorities, goals and programmes proposed for the period ahead. These are essential to support us in becoming humans capable of creating the future Earth Civilization. And, oh yes, it is arising beyond the horizon of even today’s chronic calamities.


So, friends, I warmly welcome all aspiring agents of transformation to heed the message of Home for Humanity: that each individual, each home, and each culture, is essential to the co-creation of our collective future on our beloved home planet.


Share the vision, become part of the practice, and help us together to author the new story of our humanity."

Prof. Jean Houston

Prof. Jean Houston


Chancellor of Meridian University,

Founder of Social Artistry,

Co-founder of Human Potential Movement

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