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Calm Waters

Each year up to 25 youth from marginalised backgrounds who are highly motivated

to become integral leaders serving their communities and the Earth,

will receive scholarships, in each of the 35 countries visited each year by the One Home Journey.

The One Home UnivEARTHsity catalyses the power and potential of youth to reshape our shared future

The youth scholars will

be chosen primarily

from marginalised backgrounds or disadvantaged contexts, including those who

have been displaced, uprooted or denied

their rights. It will include those who have not had access to formal education

or chose not to follow conventional education, but have a thirst for life-based learning and purposeful future building.

Thirst for Purposeful Future-building:

The Youth will follow the 1 year Mother Earth Dipl-Home, giving them a profound connection to and knowledge of the diversity of nature and culture around the earth, as they grow into integral leaders. In collaboration they will:

  • Develop their integral leadership skills

  • Express their unique creativity

  • Innovate their holistic future-building initiative that fulfills their purpose, taps their potential, provides regenerative livelihoods, serves their community, and contributes to regenerating the Earth.

They will receive an on-site intensive when the One Home Journey is in their country.

They will present their initiatives publicly and be recognised locally and globally.

Scholarship Programme:

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Each youth will co-journey, co-learn and co-create with up to 6 community members

to amplify and sustain long term impact.


Inspiration and Mentorship by Youth Pioneers:

They will encounter pioneers of Homes for Humanity initiatives who overcome marginalisation as youth, e.g. Eda Elif Tibet (Turkey); Dr. Daud Taranhike, Integral Kumusha (Zimbabwe); Enzo Ikah refugee musician-activist (DR Congo / Turkey); Linda Leogah Forkwah, Integral Leewah Revolution (Cameroon).

Long Term Impact:

With about 800 Youth for the Future from 35 countries across all continents each year, totaling over 4000 youth from all 195 countries on Earth over the five years, these once-disadvantaged youth will emerge as a global community of integral leaders, and conscious and caring Earth Citizens, in service of their local communities and of future generations on Earth.

Download Programme

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How to Engage:

If the Youth for the Future Transformative Scholarship Programme touches you,

there are many ways you could support its realization!

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  • Transform YOUR life as a Youth for the Future:

If this scholarship speaks directly to YOU and you fit the criteria and wish to apply for a scholarship to become a Youth for the Future,  please write to us with your full details and motivation.                

Register for the One Home UnivEARTHsity’s co-learning journeys with the Solidarity Fee (1777 Euros/per year - for you and your 6 co-creators benefitting from the Power of 7): your registration automatically includes a reciprocal gift of one scholarship to a highly deserving Youth for the Future (and benefits her 6 local community co-creators).

  • Gift one or more Scholarships to Empower Youth

You could gift one scholarship for 777 Euros or 10 scholarships for 7777 Euros! For every gift of 777 Euros and above, you receive a reciprocal gift from us of an  Earth Voyager Ticket to follow the broadcasts of the One Home Journey around the Earth for one year.

  • Transform the Life of a Future Youth Leader

If you would like to recommend or sponsor a highly deserving and motivated youth you know who fits the criteria and could transform her/his life and our world through this scholarship, please do write to us with full details and contact information.


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