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2 Dec 2023: UNESCO World Futures Day - Our extraordinary mission featured in UN Today

"A pioneering couple have taken on an extraordinary mission to create an inclusive future through raising awareness of the power of each individual".

On this UNESCO World Futures Day we're deeply grateful for being featured in UN Today and seeing the message spreading about the Home for Humanity Movement and the upcoming One Home Journey (UNToday magazine, Dec 2023-Jan 2024 issue, authored by Muriel Scibilia).

On purpose of the One Home Journey & One Home UnivEARTHsity: "Everyone can contribute to building a common future. We also need to multiply alliances and connect people around the world who are taking initiatives and acting in solidarity. We also need to work with our partners to support people and organizations that are likely to become agents of change or centers of transformation. This trip is designed as a mobile university and educational hub. Open to all, it aims to enhance the richness of each culture, identify local innovations and support the initiatives of marginalized young people and women. We call it One Home UnivEARTHsity."

Picture taken at Tec Monterrey University

Considering the ongoing Cop28 in Dubai on this World's Future day: the work of the Home for Humanity Movement in terms of climate change is all aimed at building a regenerative future collectively and integrally. Regeneration of nature, culture and education leading to societal change and transformation individually, locally and globally while embracing the unity in between, and well-being of, all forms of life on our shared Earth Home.

Do read the full articles in the UN Today Magazine and share it with your loved ones:

In French or English or to the full Magazine Issue.

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