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Home for Humanity nurtures a culture of gifting and reciprocity.


It is grounded in the philosophy of shared abundance encoded in Nature.

It aspires to function as a regenerative, supportive and inclusive family of life.


We warmly welcome gifters, donors, sponsors, benefactors and friends, who feel drawn to support our vision. We invite you to join the Home for Humanity family, to participate in our transformative journey, and to offer your gifts as a lasting legacy for our shared Earth Home.


We invite all visitors and participants in our programmes to offer a gift of reciprocity, each according to your present capacity, to ‘carry forward’ what you received.


A true Home is based on the mutual bonds of care and responsibility. A home is regenerative when each family member cares for the whole, and seeks to give back what he/she received in terms of a sense of belonging and unconditional support for his or her flourishing. 


Your gifts are invaluable to cover programme costs, support scholarships for deserving participants,

and to help fulfil Home for Humanity’s mission together.

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Image by Tejal Shanbhag

Home for Humanity seeks to embed the culture of gifting, and the economy of love into all aspects of its functioning, and warmly invites your participation to make this manifest. 


Home for Humanity exists as a gift of unconditional love for and service to humanity and all life on our home planet of its founders. 


Our founding parents find fulfilment in their life purpose of recognising and nurturing the whole being and unique gifts of each individual who enters, and take joy in opening their home as a gift to humanity, in service of our Earth Home.


Our co-founding members, pioneers and partner organizations give lovingly of their time and expertise to nurture its growth, based on their spontaneous allegiance to this vision, place and community that continually nurtures them. 


The Home for Humanity team is comprised of former students, programme alumni and pioneering co-creators who feel drawn to ‘give back’ the inspiration and encouragement they themselves received to support their transformative journeys. 


To give maximum place to this culture of reciprocity and abundance, we keep operational costs minimal. We ensure that every gift received, however modest or large, whether in cash or kind is of maximum benefit to the community at large and makes the optimal contribution to the realization of our shared vision. In return we support the flourishing of the unique gifts and talents of each gifter.


Your presence, your participation and your gifts are invaluable

for the Home for Humanity family. 



Home for Humanity operates today as a non-profit regenerative ‘integral enterprise’, grounded in  a gifting philosophy.


As a non-profit integral enterprise, it seeks to have a life-affirming, positive and regenerative impact on humanity, nature, culture, education, systems and spirituality, mirroring all the integral dimensions of the Humanity Charter. 


The concept and practice of a regenerative, integral enterprise is based on the transformative theory and practice developed by TRANS4M through its hands-on work with pioneering enterprises on all continents, which is encapsulated in the Gower Innovation and Transformation book series in: “Transformation Management: Towards the Integral Enterprise” (Lessem & Schieffer, Routledge 2010).



Home for Humanity combines two legal forms, to enable it to work effectively and regeneratively, on a non-profit basis. 

  • Association: It is a non profit French association, registered legally in January 2020, under the name "Home for Humanity - L’Homme pour l’HumAINité". The Association’s objective is to develop and expand the integral home, to host transformative programmes and processes for human and planetary regeneration, and local-global community and Alliance events to foster humanity in unity, and fulfil Home for Humanity’s Manifesto. 


  • Micro-Enterprise: It is a micro-enterprise, registered legally in 2009 in the department of Ain, France. It operates as a non-profit regenerative integral enterprise under the name Trans4m Academy for Integral Transformation. Its focus is to design, convene, facilitate and deliver transformative programmes, educational courses,  mentoring processes, and collective wisdom and innovation processes to realise the vision and aspirations of the Humanity Charter. These services are offered on a gifting basis, where besides covering minimal livelihood costs and basic operational expenses, all revenues generated are reinvested in Home for Humanity. 

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