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The Enacting Global Transformation Collaborative Initiative

 embarks on a 7-year planetary programme to reimagine and enact

Transformative Governancefor Integral Human Security and Planetary Peace

Over seven years from January 2024 to December 2030, country by country, and culture by culture, we will collectively envision, curate, co-create, innovate, and enact global transformation of our divided world and endangered planet into an inclusive, regenerative, just and peaceful home for humanity and the diversity of life on our home planet, the Earth


This programme, with its particular focus on integral human security, inclusive governance

and planetary well-being, through the Enacting Global Transformation methodology

of Theatre of Transformation, is undertaken collaboratively with the

'One Home Journey of 7 years for 7 generations',

a collective future-building expedition to all 193+ countries on Earth,

the One Home UnivEARTHsity for regenerative

future-building initiated by the

Home for Humanity movement for planetary regeneration,

in partnership with multiple academic institutions and networks, local Home for Humanity pioneers across all continents, and over 15 Global Civil Society Organisations worldwide.

This collaborative undertaking has been described as

A Planetary Journey to rescue the 2030 Agenda’ in UNToday, 1 Dec 2023

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A Call for Action:

Young Earth Citizens

from around the Globe

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud,

Co-chair of Home for Humanity Movement,

describing the One Home UnivEARTHsity



We inspire, envision and enact global transformation by fostering more humane, creative, and participatory responses to critical crises, through collective action research

and performative processes and events.


We seek to stimulate a new paradigm of inclusive power in international and interpersonal relations by combining transformative theory, policy, and practice with the performing arts.

Why Now?

We are at the precipice of the most perilous period since World War II.

The imperative is not simply to reform

but to transform

global governance and security


Since its emergence at the University of Oxford in December 2013, ‘Theatre of Transformation’ has developed into a catalytic methodology and interactive art form that engages scholars, policymakers, peace and justice practitioners, crisis-affected communities, and the public to address global crises critically and creatively, and to innovate creative initiatives and approaches

to enact global transformation. Through enacted real-life testimonies of transformation, FOUR STAGE PROCESS that effects subtle

and profound transformation, at the internal and external, personal and collective, local, societal, and systemic levels.

(1) Witnessing Reality:  

Re-evaluating the crisis, and engaging personally, through real-life testimonies.

(2) Awakening Possibility:

From facing deadlock to unlocking and envisaging multiple possibilities for change.

(3) Envisioning Change:

Focusing on the optimal vision for change; mapping, designing, and internal preparation.

(4) Enacting Transformation:

Harnessing collective intelligence, and forging creative alliances to impact change.

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'Collaborative Knowledge Creation Conference'
at Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai

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Live Dialogue and Presentation

of 'The Gift of Peace' Artist’s Book

to the United Nations Library in Geneva

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Art, Culture and Justice Performance-Dialogue'
at Geneva Academy for Human Rights

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Women, War and a New Paradigm of Peace'
performance-cum-roundtable at the University of Oxford

new piccs _edited.jpg

The Dynamics of War and Peace' at University

ofOxford and Graduate Institute of Geneva

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United Beyond Borders' collective performance

with refugee musicians and peace artists and discussion
with civic and international organizations at the UN in Geneva

Methodological Sources:

This transformative methodology was shaped with inputs from numerous distinguished scholars and practitioners in Oxford

and around the world.  It is informed by decades of study and experience of crisis transformation processes within diverse societies, organizations, communities – and individuals. It integrates powerful, tested methodologies of transformation from diverse disciplines, including the Integral Development Theory and Practice of Trans4m Academy for Integral Transformation. Since 2014,

over 100 performances, academic courses, and keynotes on global issues were hosted by international organizations and universities,

in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America. Several events were hosted

at the University of Oxford by CIS, Oxpeace, CCW, ELAC, Ashmolean Museum, etc.


Transformative Leadership Performance-Seminar
at Heliopolis University, Cairo with Founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish († 2017)

Theatre of Transformation Catalysts Course
at Open University-Vimochana, Bangalore


Annual Conference of Enacting Global Transformation
Initiative at University of Oxford

With Whom?

We activate and connect a global community of scholars, decision-makers, practitioners, international
organizations, grassroots initiatives and concerned citizens across diverse cultures and contexts engaged in pioneering innovative and artistic ways to enact societal transformation. We partner with research centres across Oxford.
We collaborate closely with the UN Library in Geneva, and contribute our expertise and methodology

to UN Agencies and the UN System Staff College.

For Whom?

Since 2014 we have offered transformative courses
and seminars on global issues
for our partner universities in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, including the University

of Johannesburg, Dar Al Kalima University College, Bethlehem, and Heliopolis University, Cairo. We undertake transformative Peace Missions to support our grassroots partner organizationsin conflict-affected countries to shape and enact creative solutions to crisis.

By Whom?

Convenor and Director: Dr. Rama Mani, Co-Founder, Home for Humanity movement,

Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy. Research Associate GSP, University of Oxford 

Academic Advisors:

Prof Annette Idler, Director, Global Security Programme, Associate Professor, Blavatnik School of Governance, University of Oxford

Prof Kalypso Nicolaidis, Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford, Chair of Global Affairs, Transnational School of Governance,

European University Institute 

Prof Richard Caplan, Professor of International Relations, Steering Committee of Centre for International Studies,  University of Oxford,

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, former United Nations Under-Secretary General and Head of UN Peace Operations,

Co-Chair of Home for Humanity movement.


Research Associates:

Dr. Ellen Knebel, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Said Business School, University of Oxford and National Geographic Fellow

Dr. Katie Conlon, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Oregon, National Geographic Fellow.  

Enacting Global Transformation and VR in Global Environmental Negotiations

Since 2018, under the leadership of Dr. Ellen Knebel, the Enacting Global Transformation Programme’s Theatre of Transformation Methodology has been applied innovatively, together with enhanced Virtual Reality, to support transformative global environmental negotiations on key issues, such as Ocean safety. Dr. Knebel has also been leading a series of International academic and policy conferences and collaborative trans-cultural research on these environmental topics based on EGT’s methodology, with remarkable results.

We welcome your Collaboration, Partnership or Support!

Convenor: Dr. Rama Mani:

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Enacting Global Transformation

A Multi-Cultural, Participatory Action-Research Collaborative

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