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is a dynamic field of synergy

that connects and champions all members of the Home for Humanity Family

across generations, cultures, and sectors.

The Earth Family embraces all our co-creators, partners and programme alumni 

who are engaged in the ongoing journey of self and planetary transformation

to pioneer a just and regenerative future for all life on earth.


Each Earth Family member stewards or serves an innovative initiative,

transformative movement or integral organisation dedicated to the common good. 


The Earth Family testifies to our collective power of manifestation: 

as we join forces to collaborate across all borders, we gain momentum

to fulfil our collective vision of "Co-Creating Home on Earth" for all life.


Earth Family Members will be showcased here on an ongoing basis. 

associated with the Transformative Programmes they are engaged in. 

At present we begin with the Unity Circle for the Earth Agora and the Earth Home Pioneers,

as well as with our international partner organisations.

Ama Nyarko Jones Healing Pattern Logo H4
Ama Nyarko Jones Healing Pattern Logo H4
Home for Humanity Animated Logo Elif Tib

Co-Founders of Home for Humanity

Co-Chairs of Home for Humanity Planetary Movement

Water Sprinkler

Co-Founding Family of Home for Humanity Association in France

Our Earth home is on fire. Human civilisation needs transformation.

Our future depends on our humanity...

Our Mentors, whose inspiration is eternal