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30 November 2022: SEKEM creating an Economy of Love while organically Greening the Egyptian Desert

In the thought provoking Session 8 of our Course Journey on “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”, participants immersed themselves in the activities and guiding principles of SEKEM Development Foundation, exemplary Home for Humanity in Egypt. Since its establishment in 1977, SEKEM has developed into an International Centre of Excellence for holistic, sustainable, individual, organizational, societal development and social innovation, inspiring organizations all around the world.

In the midst of the desert, SEKEM has evolved into an oasis of a flourishing community, bringing together government, corporates, more than 2,000 farmers, and the educational community to successfully drive sustainable transformation. SEKEM is pioneering an approach of an Economy of Love combined with Biodynamic Farming, which can be replicated around the world to solve challenges of climate change. SEKEM is centrally working with Carbon Credits, which, as an environmental service, not only provides a significant increase in carbon sequestration, but also generates additional revenue. With its very own SEKEM Development Goals, they have found a way to monitor the organization’s development and collect data on the impact of their work. Violet Mohotloane, Programme Director at Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre in South Africa enthusiastically comments: “The SEKEM Project is one of those transformative projects that will blow your mind, one cannot help but to wonder why many countries in Africa struggle to find solutions to our drought challenges and we always look for solutions from western countries and here is an exemplary project that can be replicated. I was very inspired by the SEKEM team and their methodology and always bringing everyone together to share the same vision."

We would like to thank Maximilian Abouleish-Boes for such engaging presentation, as well as Helmy Abouleish, Konstanze Abouleish, Martina Dinkel, Regina Hanel, Angela Hofmann, Katharina, Gamail, Hend Hany, Manar and the rest of the team for sharing their experiences in the SEKEM organization!

Enjoy some of the participants’ reflections:

Egypt has always been a land of wonder for me. Ancient Egyptian civilizations, the Nile and how life there might be. But ignorance has prevailed, and I wondered whether Sekem was a place when I first heard of it from Homes for Humanity. Well before the weekly online meeting I typed Sekem into Google and I was not expecting a website to pop up as the first result. Wow! I looked into it a little and I was thoroughly intrigued by the sheer magnitude of work done. But what truly got me was the clarity of vision to take an intangible concept of love and bring it to a tangible. Very inspiring. Sure, the conflict of greening a desert was certainly a thought, but I am no expert on Egypt. A brief presentation from Max and his team, their vision, their smiles made the whole Sekem experience very warm. In Max’s words, ‘we were on different screens but with one shared vision.’”

by Pooja R. Bhale (India), Spiritual Ecologist; Director, Protecterra Ecological Foundation

Love at its core. The spirit of inclusivity emanating from it, resulting in magical transformation of the land and its people. Awesome work.” by Okocha Olisaeloka (Nigeria), PS Neutraceuticals International Ltd.

“I feel that Sekem and all Homes for Humanity worldwide are demonstrating and embodying the new emergent paradigm for humanity. One where we can thrive in harmony with all of life.” by Tatiana Speed (Canada), Transformative Musician and Social Activist

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