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28 February 2021: Living Curriculum #6 with Karen Tse – Founder of International Bridges for Justice

As part of our LIVING CURRICULUM SERIES, an inspiring weekly series of Interviews with PIONEERS OF TRANSFORMATION FROM 5 CONTINENTS engaged in co-creating a Just and Regenerative Earth Civilization, we launch an interview with GLOBAL PIONEER IN BUILDING BRIDGES TO JUSTICE THROUGH UNITY AND DIVINITY, REV. KAREN TSE.

Rev. Karen Tse is a Human Rights defender and social entrepreneur. In 1994, she moved to Cambodia to train the country’s first core group of public defenders and subsequently served as a United Nations Judicial Mentor. She then pursued Divinity studies at the University of Harvard. In 2000, she founded International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), a non-profit organization which aims to eradicate torture in the 21st century, and protects due process rights for accused people throughout the world.

In this interview, Karen Tse speaks to us from her home in Geneva, on the edge of a forest, where she finds replenishment in the trees from the demands of her worldwide campaign to end torture.

Please see the whole conversation with Rev. Karen Tse here:

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