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Rainbow over Unity Park H4H France .png

Unity Parks

Reuniting Humanity with Nature and with all Cultures on Earth

Original Unity Park at Home for Humanity, Haut Valromey, France


Unity Parks are a Planetary Participatory Initiative 
on the One Home Journey 2024-2030: 7 Years for 7 Generations
initiated by the Home for Humanity Movement for Planetary Regeneration.



Each Unity Park is dedicated to fostering unity, peace and harmony between the diversity of peoples, cultures and ecologies on our shared home planet, Earth. Trees are planted in Unity Parks to represent the gifts all our cultures bring to the family of life. Each tree is thereby a way to acknowledge and honor a country's unique value, and to establish a personal connection with its people as members of our shared human family. Each Unity Park is unique, grounded in its local culture and ecology, yet all Unity Parks are connected to each other across all borders in common purpose, to amplify and manifest our shared intention to live in peace and unity with the diverse and indivisible family of life on our one home, Earth. 




Contribution to Unity, Peace and Harmony
between People and Cultures, and with Nature: 

Each Unity Park is offered by its hosts as a gift to humanity and to the 'global commons’.  A Unity Park is initiated and cared for collectively by the local community. Unity Parks expand gradually as the One Home Journey travels, season by season and year by year to diverse countries across each geographic region, between 2024 to 2030. 

Each tree or bush symbolises the unique values that every country, with its specific cultures and geographies, brings to our shared humanity and to life

as a whole, and represents that culture's invaluable gift to our shared future. Trees and bushes are also planted by local and global visitors to each Unity Park. As a growing, living initiative, the Unity Park is a celebration of the indispensable diversity and interconnectedness of the whole of life,

and a space to experience and participate in the unity of life. 

Contribution to Sustainable Development:

Each Unity Park symbolically represents the diverse countries on Earth
by planting - not exotic or imported trees but - a variety of endemic
and locally-appropriate trees and plants, which offer a range of aesthetic, nutritional, medicinal, soil-regeneration and eco-system restoration benefits. Unity Parks contribute to several SDGs, including: zero hunger (SDG 2), health and wellbeing (SDG 3), life on land (SDG 15), sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11); quality education (SDG 4); Peace and Justice (SDG 16). Unity Parks complement and transcend SDGs with their integral, cultural
and local approach.

Inclusive, Regenerative Future Building:

All Unity Parks are part of the Earth Campus 
of the One Home UnivEARTHsity for regenerative Future Building.
Unity Parks are thus an interconnected, participatory planetary initiative to engage all people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages everywhere on Earth to rediscover our own humanity through the appreciation of the unique values of diverse cultures,
and to experience harmony with nature, peace with all cultures, and unity with the family of life on Earth.

Fern Leaves

 Original UNITY PARK
at Home for Humanity's Integral Home Campus in France

For sekem panel.jpg

SEKEM Unity Park in Egypt

Olive Tree

for SEKEM's Unity Park

close up of OLIVE tree in Unity Park Sek

Collective Inauguration of the First UNITY PARK on the One Home Journey

at SEKEM Farm, Home for Humanity – Egypt,  on 22 APRIL 2024, International Mother Earth Day


Unity Park Locations

As the One Home Journey 2024-2030 begins with Season One in September 2024,

Unity Parks will spread around the Earth and be featured here.


Write to us and find out more about Unity Parks 
and how you can get engaged in this planetary initiative!

Please consider supporting the initiation or expansion of a Unity Park 
and make a Gift. Thank you!

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