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23 November 2022: CORO changing the Power-Paradigm in India's Society through Grassroots Leadership

In Session 7 of our Course Journey “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” participants were inspired by how CORO, exemplary Home for Humanity in India, and the Savitri Women's Federation work "from power within, to power with, to power to”. CORO pioneers Community Leadership for a society based on equality and justice by empowering people in the most marginalized communities to steer collective action for societal change. Together, they empower women from low-income communities to act against violence and stand together in solidarity.

We listened to inspiring stories of people who were able to lift themselves beyond their immediate realities and become a lighthouse and role model for so many around them. CORO realized that Identity played a particularly important role in the process of empowerment: identifying as a victim feeds into a culture of submissiveness and a tendency to not act upon effectively changing our contexts. CORO in turn, suggests a narrative which facilitates the realization of power within, power with, and finally the power to bring about change. CORO’s Integral approach inspires the shift of mindsets of Grassroots Leaders, from being victims to becoming impactful change makers.

During the session, Mohamed ElBanby from Egypt acknowledges: “I am so proud of what CORO has done, you really build a supportive, safe, and productive atmosphere where every human whatever their religion, beliefs or background can bring their creativity and turn it into touchable power in the community. Very proud of what you did, and I hope we could see this atmosphere in every initiative.” Muziwanele Ngwenya from Zimbabwe emphasises his appreciation for men also being part of CORO and the shared endeavour and says that “this helps develop and progress to the realization that violence against women is not justified and that there are men out there that are also fighting the fight against this reality.”

We warmly thank Sujata Khandekar for such an inspiring presentation, and Mumtaz Shaikh, Ratna Mane, Saima Shaikh, and Rahul Gaware for sharing their incredible and, indeed, powerful stories!

Other participants also shared their reflections:

“There are similarities between the work of CORO India and Sarvodaya’s work in Sri Lanka towards women. Being in the same region issues too have similarities. Together we can offer creative and effective solutions to build humanity across the world.

Purpose of Sarvodaya is ‘’Awakening of All’’ from an individual Human Personality to Humanity as a whole and women empowerment is one of the main areas we work on. Our priority is given to rural and marginalized women which is the same focus for CORO India.

We are looking much forward to co-creating with CORO INDIA”

by Inoshi Jayathilaka (Sri Lanka), Sarvodaya

Coro is powerful space for transformative healing for sexual and Gender based violence. We share the same experience with our community-based organization, we Use community theatre to create awareness on sexual violence. Great mentorship for young people as agents for social justice and transformative leadership, we can exchange ideas on how to connect our experience.” by Gachihi Gacheke (Kenya), Mathare Social Justice

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