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21 February 2021: Living Curriculum #5 with Dr. Youssef Mahmoud – Former UN Under Secretary-General

As part of our LIVING CURRICULUM SERIES, an inspiring weekly series of Interviews with PIONEERS OF TRANSFORMATION FROM 5 CONTINENTS engaged in co-creating a Just and Regenerative Earth Civilization, we launch an interview with GLOBAL PIONEER IN GLOBAL PEACE BUILDING, DR. YOUSSEF MAHMOUD.

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud is a Senior Adviser at the International Peace Institute (IPI) supporting the sustainable development and peace operations programs, has held various senior UN positions and has headed peace operations in Burundi, the Central African Republic and Chad as a former UN Under-Secretary-General and. As a visiting Professor at the African Leadership Centre, King’s College London, he is putting the last touches on his book on leadership for peace in Africa, entitled “Whose Peace Are We Building?”.

In this conversation, Youssef Mahmoud lays out why the current crisis forces humanity to build a new relationship with nature, revisit human security, focus on education for leadership, in particular for women, and to transcend individualism and step into the “power of we”. The key for this to happen, for Mahmoud, is Integral Education.

Please see the whole conversation with Dr. Youssef Mahmoud here:

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