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20 June 2021: Home for Humanity Co-Founders receive the ETHNOKINO AWARD, honouring the H4H Vision

Based in Bern, Switzerland, and supported by the City of Bern and the University of Bern, the prestigious Filmmakers-Anthropologists initiative ETHNOKINO awards Rama Mani and Alexander Schieffer the “INSPIRING VISIONARIES” Award.

From the readings of the award ceremony:

An Award of Recognition as INSPIRING VISIONARIES goes to the masters of transformation Dr. Rama Mani and Prof. Alexander Schieffer who dedicated their lives to integral and holistic development and justice for humans, their communities and the family of life. Within a trailblazing uniquely home-based pedagogy they have established HOME FOR HUMANITY in their actual home in Haut Valromey in France and as a global vision. Tirelessly, they are working towards igniting a planetary social movement which believes every person, every home and every culture to have the potential to become a catalytic seedbed for transformation for a more just, inclusive and regenerative earth civilisation. Followed by thousands of emerging changemakers from universities and social change initiatives and organisations from literally all continents, they are recognised by and co-creating with many established change pioneers and regenerative leaders of our times. Rama and Alexander, along with their Home for Humanity Dream Team, are just about to shift the paradigm from “the love of power to the power of love” - which we cannot wait to see and experience to happen.

Click here for full EthnoKino Blog Article:

Click here for the Home for Humanity Vision Talk by Rama and Alexander, Bern, 20 June 2021:

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