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23 October 2023: Academy for Planetary Alignment, Mexico, joins the Home for Humanity Movement

"We are a Community Building Initiative inspiring a critical mass of citizen's involvement on a personal and collective transformational path, implementing evolutionary global solutions at a local and bioregional scale."

In a moving ceremony, both in Tepoztlán and in Mexico-City, the Academy for Planetary Alignment was recognized as a Home for Humanity for its outstanding vision and activities to preserve and activate Indigenous Wisdom Traditions, to consciously evolve and upgrade the Social Operating System of the Planet, and to work for more advanced and conscious ways for Humanity to thrive.

Led by Mexican wisdom keeper, social alchemist and Evolutionary Leader, Juan Carlos

Kaiten Quintanilla, in close cooperation with wisdom keepers and social change agents from around the world, such as Otomi Elder Mindahi Bastida, the Academy is a vital driver for a new planetary consciousness. Connecting sacred sites and wisdom traditions around the globe, and aligning bioregions on all continents, the Academy actively fosters collaboration for a new planetary “social operating system”.

Their overall strategy is based on three Developing Pillars:

  • Planetary Co-creation,

  • Personal and Collective Healing and

  • Unified Prayer across sacred sites with existing networks of wisdom keepers.

Watch this inspiring space and people, as we shall soon be releasing a short video, hearing Juan Carlos Kaiten speak about the work and vision of the Planetary Alignment Academy.

We are so happy to welcome this extraordinary organisation into our movement and honored to have them join us.

Do explore more about the Planetary Alignment Academy at their website.

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