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19 October 2022: Integral Kumusha moving Zimbabwe from Poverty to Prosperity via the Ubuntu Approach

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

In this second and highly invigorating Session of Home for Humanity’s Course Journey “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”, participants immersed themselves in the Integral Kumusha, the exemplary Home for Humanity in the rural Buhera District of Zimbabwe. Co-founded by Dr. Daud and Christina Taranhike, the Integral Kumusha (kumusha meaning “homestead” in Shona) has become an acclaimed national role model, featuring a special emphasis on Ubuntu-based Community-Empowerment, the Regeneration of Rural Livelihoods and a legacy (nhaka in shona) driven approach to community economics called “Nhakanomics”. Participants were thrilled with the power, authenticity, depth, and practicality of Christina and Daud’s sharing – and the ingenuity with which their homestead integrates and balances an ecological, cultural, educational, and ecological perspective, altogether deeply infused by African spirit, the philosophy of Ubuntu and Shona values and heritage. Nilima Bhat, Founder of Shakti Leadership from India commented on the Integral Kumusha: “Simply incredible. You are walking the talk. Showing the rest of the world that this is possible”. And Irene Banda, CEO of TUCUZA from Zambia applauded the envisioned expansion of the Integral Kumusha to SADC (Southern African Development Community): “Very inspirational. Glad you are thinking of moving into Africa. We are keen to be part of that movement from Zambia.”