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12 April 2022: Youssef Mahmoud, Tunisia, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

We are honoured to share with you the forceful and timely message of Home for Humanity's Co-Chair Dr Youssef Mahmoud (Tunisia), former United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General for Peace Operations in Burundi, Chad and Central African Republic, as part of "PIONEERING PATHWAYS: from our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future".


"Steeped in his deep knowledge of peace making and experience with global security institutions, Youssef Mahmoud issues an irrefutable call to action to every one of us, in these critical times, when the old systems we once relied on have collapsed. Dr. Mahmoud urges us to unleash the full potential inherent in all of us to become Earth Pioneers, like the integral changemakers in Pioneering Pathways, and to lay the foundations together for a future that is both healing and regenerative --- before it is too late.

He eloquently elaborates: 'Home for Humanity serves as a nurturing platform where pioneers come together to pool their wisdoms and co-design integral ways to scale up their initiatives for the benefit of fellow earth citizens everywhere. The ‘Pioneering Pathways’ publication before your eyes offers their illuminating journeys. Each compelling contribution is a building block towards a common vision of a human community that no longer suffers from the apartheid of abundance, the scourge of otherness, and the wounds of painful pasts that continue to stain and strain our human condition.'"

Youssef Mahmoud

Co-Chair, Home for Humanity

Former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations

Former Head of UN Peace Operations in Central Africa

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