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Paul Grant - (1951-2024)

Maestro, Sufi and Hindustani Musician


Paul Grant was honoured for his life and work

as a master musician, performer, preserver and dedicated teacher of Hindustani, Sufi, Kashmiri and Persian music .

Honouring his efforts to save, restore and revive endangered musical traditions and to champion musicians in warzones like Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Celebrating the power of his transcendent music to heal humanity and pay and reconnect humanity to Mother Earth.

GIFT TO HOME FOR HUMANITY AND THE WORLD Innumerable collaborative concerts of oriental music and Theatre of Transformation offered at Home for Humanity France,

at the UN, and in other prestigious venues.


Paul Grant is American by birth, Oriental at heart and Genevois by adoption and is also one of the few westerners who has dedicated himself to the study of oriental music for almost 50 years.  He is recognized for his mastery of the art of santur playing in several musical traditions: India, Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir. He has extensively researched the links that connect these cultures and has also studied tabla and sitar. Keenly interested in old and rare instruments and styles of playing he has restored and built a number of musical instruments as part of his lifelong quest for the perfect sound.


Paul Grant - (1951-2024)
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