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Cihan Elci

Film, Photography, Poetry


Cihan Elci was honoured for his outstanding artistic contribution that Heals and Unites Humanity, Preserves and Renews Culture and Regenerates our One Home, Earth.


Home for Humanity film:


Cihan Elci born in Cicekli Village (in Kurdish: Mesketang) in Van, Turkey, he grew up in the magnanimous flanks of the legendary Mount Artos (in Kurdish: Çiyayê Artosê) and Mount Ararat – where Noah’s ark is said to have struck land after the deluge – surrounded by fruit trees, farms and fragrant flowers.

Cihan has been passionate about nature from childhood. From adolescence, he developed an equal passion for theatre, poetry, music and the arts. He became active in a club of young Kurdish artists using the power of art to cherish Kurdish identity and culture. His activism, compassion and passion to his fellow Kurdish people has been outstanding. As a Biology teacher he helped thousands of students to access higher education.

Since 2015, he works at the University of Bern’s Cell Biology laboratory as a biologist and Laborant, where he is greatly appreciated by professors and students alike. He contributes to his research teams' groundbreaking findings on Malaria in Switzerland.

Cihan is also a professional cook, a gardener and a cyclist who loves to be journeying through the Alps where he now calls home. He worked on a cook book "Orientalish Vegan and Vegetarish" with prominent Kurdish author, poet and chef Ali Bicer as the food photographer. Together they are planning to work on a second book called "Keller Food".

He is a core team member of the Ethnokino Film Festival taking place in Bern, Berlin, Mexico City, Patagonia, Van, Cappadocia, Marrakech. He is also part of KarmaMotion collective where he continues to work on new documentary films and collaborations with various artists from around the world.


He and his life partner Dr. Eda Elif Tibet, have made their first full length film together,  as a gift of their love and devotion to humanity – The Home for Humanity film: How on Earth Do We Co-Create Home on Earth?


Cihan Elci
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