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15th June 2024: May Peace Prevail on Earth!

The Peace Pole and the Unity Park Planetary Initiative, Launched with our global partners at World Unity Week.

“After the nuclear bomb in Japan, my grandfather, Masahisa Goi’s vision was to bring the hearts of humanity together in their common wish for peace, transcending differences of religion, nationality and beliefs, through his prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. 

This grassroots movement, has now become a worldwide endeavour involving millions of peace-loving people on every continent, planting Peace Poles with their wishes for peace.

The dedication of Home for Humanity’s “One Home Journey” in creating Unity Parks in every country on Earth, makes me so happy. These Unity Parks connect nature and culture, and local and global citizens. They will create safe and sacred sanctuaries, and give a sense of ‘Home’ for everyone.” Rika Saionji Yoshikawa, ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth International’ 

‘May Peace Prevail on Earth International’, our cherished partner organisation in Japan, has extended a generous gift to all humanity of 200 hand-held Peace Poles: one for each Unity Park that will be created collectively by local Earth citizens in every country on Earth, during the One Home Journey over the next 7 years. 

Unity Parks promote unity, peace and harmony with nature and between all cultures. 

Unity Parks are an enlivening eco-cultural Planetary Initiative by and for Earth Citizens everywhere. We count on your active participation and support to make this happen! 

Enjoy the uplifting messages of some of the outstanding partners of the One Home Journey who addressed this historic session of World Unity Week to launch the Unity Park Planetary Initiative and to plant the first Peace Pole of the One Home Journey:: Rika Saionji Yoshikawa (May Peace Prevail on Earth International), Laura Rose (Holomovement and Purpose Earth ), P.V. Rajagopal (Ekta Parishad and Jai Jagat), Alexandra Wandel (World Future Council) and Ben Bowler (Unity Earth) together with Rama Mani and Alexander Schieffer (Co-Founders of Home for Humanity and Co-Initiators of the One Home Journey). 

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Saionji family, and the whole team for this meaningful gift to the Earth family. Special thanks to Yashio Mochizuki for his efforts to ensure each Peace Pole reaches its destination in good time!

And thank you to Unity Earth for making history!

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