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8 November 2021: Integral PhD Module in Jordan - Focus on Integral Economy, Enterprise and Education

From November 8 to 10, PhD students from our TRANS4M Da Vinci Integral PhD Programme from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Jordan and Egypt came together for the module on “co-creation” in Jordan – with a special focus on the theory and practice of an Integral Economy, Integral Enterprise and Integral Education.

The module was locally hosted by the FICRI Feminist Integral Center for Research and Innovation, founded by Mayyada Abu-Jaber as a result of her integral PhD journey.

Hence, on Day 1, Mayyada Abu Jaber and her committed team took us on a field trip to Southern Shouneh in the Jordan River Valley – where she is co-creating with local communities and pioneering women entrepreneurs the design and practice ground for an integral eco-feminist economy in Jordan.