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8 March 2021: Living Curriculum #7 with Zahira Kamal – Former Minister of Women's Affairs

As part of our living curriculum series, we launch a special interview with Palestinian women’s leader and global pioneer, ZAHIRA KAMAL, celebrating the upcoming international women's day, 8 March 2021.

Zahira Kamal has played a major role in Palestinian society, spanning non-governmental, intergovernmental to governmental roles from grassroots to ministerial levels. As (former) General Secretary of the Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA Party) Zahira is the first ever female Secretary-General of a Palestinian political party. She was the first Minister of Women’s Affairs in the Palestinian cabinet, and established the first gender planning and development directorate at the Ministry of Planning. She is also a founding member of some of the longest standing and most dynamic women’s movements in Palestine.

In this interview, Zahira Kamal speaks to us from her home in East Jerusalem. Her authentic, moving and joyful-against-all-odds account demonstrates the creative and ingenious force of women engaging non-violently, but with forceful determination, for the freedom of their home country.

We warmly invite you to see the whole conversation with Zahira Kamal here:

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