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6 May 2022: Earth Agora: "Igniting our Social Artistry to Co-Create an Earth Civilization"

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

On 6 May, Home for Humanity convened this vivifying Earth Agora, inspired by the Earth Family publication Pioneering Pathways, at the Integral Practitioners’ Convergence, hosted online by Meridian University (USA). Jean Houston, our Co-Chair and Chancellor of Meridian University, unleashed the deep imagination and artistry of all participants and evoked them to co-author an Earth Civilization, while Pilar Alvarez Laso, former Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, grounded us in her real-life experiences of communities in crisis who transformed breakdowns into breakthroughs. Tatiana Speed’s electrifying music accompanied Rama’s theatre of transformation performance showcasing social artists on all continents.

All participants expressed poignantly their own visions and commitments for a regenerative future. Then, Alexander composed a participatory poem harvesting the collective intelligence of the whole, with Tatiana improvising it magnificently into music and song.

This painting by one participant (Katharine Doughty) captures the spirit of co-creation and social artistry that moved everyone present to recognise themselves as invaluable co-creators of an emerging Earth Civilization.

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