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27 June 2023: Congratulations – Integral Kumusha's visit by the First Lady of Zimbabwe

Integral Kumusha is recognized as a National Role Model Homestead

Residents and neighboring communities gather at Integral Kumusha

We are proud to share that our original Home for Humanity Zimbabwe has been visited by Zimbabwe’s First Lady Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa to honour Christina “Mai Chimuti” Taranhike, the Co-Founder of the Integral Kumusha as the best SHE Farmer within Manicaland Province.

In the words of Dr. Daud “Shumba” Taranhike, Co-Founder of the Integral Kumusha:

“The First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe Dr Auxilla Mnangagwa introduced an initiative called

Agric for SHE which is coordinated and facilitated through the Ministry of Lands Agriculture Water

Fisheries and Rural Development being driven by Agriculture Extension Services – Agritex. The aim of

this programme is to encourage more and active participation of women in agriculture and national development especially the marginalised rural women farmers. As such, Provincial Agritex conduct rigorous assessments of women farmers in each province in line with the set guidelines and assessment criteria to identify women farmers who are exemplary in practice and performance for recognition for their efforts and contribution towards food self-sufficiency and enhancement of

livelihoods and total well-being within their communities.

Christina Taranhike

It is against this background that Christina Taranhike popularly known as Mai Chimuti who is the Co-Founder of the Integral Kumusha (IK) and Coordinator of the activities and projects was nominated as the best SHE Farmer within Manicaland Province.

Amai Chimuti with the First Lady Dr.Auxillia Mnangangwa by the Tumeric stand (IK)

Therefore, the best-performing farmers within Manicaland Province were recognised at a special function where the First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa was the Guest of Honor held at the IK on 27 June 2023. The function was attended by close to ten thousand people from the community and representatives from other districts throughout Manicaland Province. This function was also attended by traditional leaders, political and administrative leaders for Buhera District.

Integral Kumusha Tour, Garlic and Tumeric section.

This was a very important function that needed proper and thorough preparation and execution to the highest level. To achieve this level of preparedness, all respective departments that organise state functions within Buhera District being led by the District Development Coordinator Mr Mavhizha worked tirelessly with Mai Chimuti to make this ceremony a huge success. Support was also solicited from key stakeholders within the district to contribute in any way possible.

The First Lady (Left) and Mai Chimuti (Right)

The response was extremely

positive which saw Shawa Mine and Sabi Star Mine working together to repair the road to the IK

while the business community contributed some cash and the political leadership for the constituency contributing some food provisions.

Women of the community welcome the First Lady the traditional way

Mai Chimuti and her team rose to the occasion by sprucing up her place and made sure the image was enhanced.

Hosting the function and the First Lady

Members of the community, invited guests and representatives from other districts throughout Manicaland started arriving at the IK as early as 5 am and by 7am the whole place was busing with excited guests for the function. Exhibitors had their respective wares displayed for everyone to see while other entertainers were well prepared and in their places.

Images showing early morning preps and the various communities arriving on site, Integral Kumusha

The First Lady arrived around 9:30am for the briefing at the Elephant Executive Lodges where Mrs Christina Taranhike presented a summary of the Integral Kumusha innovation, its goal to enhance livelihoods in rural communities by promoting food self-sufficiency, socio-economic empowerment projects and rural transformation and development initiatives including the Nhakanomics Transformation and Research Academy. She also presented the contribution and impact of the IK and its future focus. The First Lady was extremely impressed with Mai Chimuti’s report and promised

to support her by addressing her requests for electricity supply to the IK and access to funding at reasonable interest rates.

The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Dr. Auxillia Mnangangwa, Speaking to the Buhera and Surrounding Community

Impact and Outcome of the Visit

This function and visit by the First Lady had a huge positive impact to the IK and the Mukoto Village in particular and the entire Buhera district in general because it was the first time that such a high-profile dignitary was hosted in the area. It also helped to make the IK, Mai Chimuti visible since Buhera district is a remote area that is comprised mainly of poor and marginalised people.

The function also attracted the attention of important decision makers who can influence development and empowerment activities in the area. Through this function, an initiative called Pastors for Economic Development was instructed to collaborate with the IK and the community to support the work that is taking place. To date, a workshop has been conducted on 13-14 July on how to implement various economic projects to help the people within the community. this workshop was attended by more than 30 community members with the aspiring Member of Parliament Mr Guyo officially opening the session on the first day.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has contacted Mai Chimuti to assure her that they will be supply electricity to the IK soon. This will enable Mai Chimuti to complete the construction of the processing plant and equipping it with appropriate machine that will see the development of the Eco- Rural Industrialisation Project in the area.

The Minister of State and Devolution for Manicaland has also assured Mai Chimuti of funding through the Women Bank to help the IK to accelerate the development plan and empowerment projects. This will result in the creation of a vibrant economic zone in Mukoto Village and contribute towards national socio-economic development.

The visit by the First Lady has also helped the IK to be visible to other people within the country which will make it easier to spread the gospel of rural transformation and development using the Integral Kumusha and Nhakanomics concepts and models. It is also now easy to access key contacts in the development plant.

Integral Kumusha and Home for Humanity Partnership Plaque

The visit also helped to showcase the collaboration between the IK and the Home for Humanity and its initiatives including the Planetary Regeneration and One Earth Journey. The plaque showing the partnership between the IK and the H4H helped many people to be exposed to this initiative and has generated a lot of excitement and interest within the community, the province and the nation. So, people are now looking forward to the One Earth Journey programme.


The First Lady’s visit to the Integral Kumusha has opened many opportunities within and outside the community for the innovation and the people. the Impact of the IK will be accelerated and spread to many places beyond the Buhera district and Manicaland province. The IK has been put on the map in Zimbabwe and we hope to take advantage of this special opportunity to move our agenda of transforming homesteads and economy through our “Transformation from Poverty to Prosperity” (P2P) initiative by promoting food self-sufficiency and regenerative agriculture and economic development.”

Dr. Daud Taranhike, Integral Kumusha, Buhera Province, Zimbabwe

Dr. Daud and Christina Taranhike, Co-Founders, Integral Kumusha

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