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24 May 2021: Daud Taranhike, Zimbabwe, is awarded PhD for innovative Research on Integral Kumusha

Updated: May 25, 2021

Daud “Shumba” Taranhike is officially awarded with his PhD! As a global HOME FOR HUMANITY and TRANS4M community, we celebrate wholeheartedly his “integral achievement”.

The PhD programme is a cooperation between the South Africa based Da Vinci University and TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation (the latter being a key institutional pillar of Home for Humanity).

Together with Daud, two other Fellows of our TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation were awarded with a PhD: Yusuf Adeojo from Nigeria, with a research-to-innovation on Financial Inclusion, and Rev. Tony Bradley, UK, with an outstanding thesis on designing and manifesting a Communiversity in the Arts & Cultural Space of Liverpool. More on Yusuf's PhD you find