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21 March 2021: Living Curriculum #9 with Driss Alaoui Mdaghri – Founder 'Come to my Home Festival'

As part of our LIVING CURRICULUM SERIES, an inspiring weekly series of Interviews with PIONEERS OF TRANSFORMATION FROM 5 CONTINENTS engaged in co-creating a Just and Regenerative Earth Civilization, we launch an interview with GLOBAL PIONEER ADDRESSING THE POETRY OF TOGETHERNESS - THE POWER OF AN OPEN HOUSE, DRISS ALAOUI MDAGHRI.

Driss Alaoui Mdaghri is a former cabinet minister in several Moroccan government departments and now a civil society leader. His previous positions included secretary of state for foreign affairs, energy and mines, youth and sport, as well as communication in the Moroccan government. He has taught at a number of universities and business schools in Morocco, France, Italy, and elsewhere. Now a retired professor, he has initiated the “Come to my Home” festival and is also the founder of the foundation “World Cultures” aiming to invite numerous cultures, nationalities and backgrounds to connect together and experience diversity through art.

In this conversation, Driss shares with us what home means to him, talks about the importance of education for societal transformation and shares his message to a world in crisis.

We warmly invite you to see the whole conversation with Driss Alaoui Mdaghri here:

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