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21 December 2022: EARTH AGORA“Co-Creating Home on Earth with Wisdom Keepers of The Original Nations”

Marking Winter Solstice and the International Day of Human Solidarity, this Earth Agora, convened by Home for Humanity with EVOL, made participants witness the visions, blessings, and teachings of Wisdom Keepers of the Original Nations from around the Earth for our shared future – all speaking to the common theme of “Co-Creating Home on Earth”.

In these perilous times of division and extinction, representatives of Original Nations are increasingly coming together from diverse parts of the Earth, to put their Original wisdom at the service of our shared future. Many of the Original Nations have preserved their timeless wisdom, knowledge, and traditions of the sacredness of the Earth and the unity of creation. That was also shining through, clearly, in this Earth Agora – deeply enriching our participants from all around the world.

Bringing this extraordinary group of people together was possible with the initiative and brilliance of wisdom keeper Rico Paganini, the founder of EVOL – that has also itself become a Home for Humanity for Original Wisdom. The Agora was potently enriched with the evocations of Jean Houston and Youssef Mahmoud, the Co-Chairs of the Home for Humanity Planetary movement, who opened and closed the wisdom circle and both emphasized and exemplified the crucial importance of indigenous wisdom.


We are honored to had the following Wisdom Keepers from Original Nations and spiritual lineages of all continents participating in this Wisdom Circle:XCC

  • Rutendo Ngara, Sangoma, SA/Zimbabwe

  • Pooven Moodley, Shiva, South Africa /India

  • Kalani Souza, Kahuna Hawaii

  • Rick Ferguson, Kahuna, Hawaii

  • MindahiBastida, Olmec, Mexico

  • Juan Carlos Kaiten, Inka, Mexico

  • Fernando Ausin, Maya, Mexico

  • Alvaro Diaz, Toltec, Mexico

  • Whaia Shelly Emia, Maori, NZ/Aotearoa

  • Angaangaq, Inuit, Greenland

  • Jacob Johns, Hopi, USA

  • Erika Sylven, Sami, Sweden

  • Edith Soto, Maya, Mexico

  • JJ Hurtak, Elohim, USA

  • Desiree Hurtak, Elohim, USA

  • Rico Paganini, Elohim, Switzerland

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