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19 April 2022: Daud & Christina Taranhike, Zimbabwe, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

Here we meet Daud and Christina Taranhike in the heart of the Integral Kumusha, their traditional rural homestead in Zimbabwe’s Buhera Province, surrounded by the lush sights and salubrious sounds of their natural environment. The Integral Kumusha has become a national role model for community empowerment and the regeneration of rural livelihoods.


In this video, the couple elaborates on how the Integral Kumusha is encouraging and facilitating the transformation of rural communities towards self-sufficiency. Their aim and heartfelt aspiration is to enhance people’s lives and livelihoods within their traditional, socio-cultural home setting to inherently eradicate poverty, hunger, and marginalisation. The wholesome approach of the Integral Kumusha pursues to ensure individual and collective active participation in the overall national socio-economic development.

As an exemplary Home for Humanity, the Integral Kumusha is contributing to co-creating Home on Earth by unleashing their particular power to pioneer planetary regeneration. Daud and Christina’s sincere wish is to create a better tomorrow for everyone and to leave a great legacy for all future generations!

The Integral Kumusha will be one of the pathbreaking exemplary Homes for Humanity, which we are going to visit during our Online Transformative Co-Learning Journey starting on 15 May. Dr. Daud Taranhike will be co-directing this course, as we travel together across our magnificent home planet.

Join us to discover how to actualise the power of your own home, community, initiative, or organisation to nurture societal transformation, while fulfilling your own life purpose!

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