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16 November 2022: Pax Herbals in Nigeria reviving Indigenous Wisdom for Healing People and Planet

During the sixth Session of our Course Journey on “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”, we traveled to Nigeria to meet the astonishing international team of Pax Herbals, an enterprise-in-community pioneering the Revival of Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Holistic Health Practices. Once the founder, Father Anselm Adodo, noticed the neglect of the power of indigenous Wisdom on African Medicine in the early 1990s, he established what is today known as Pax Herbals Clinic and Research Laboratories, located in the St. Benedict Monastery in Ewu, Nigeria. Since its initiation, Pax Herbals grew into one of the largest manufacturers and research establishments of medicinal products in the whole of Africa, with 150 employees as well as over 2000 rural distribution centers. With “Pax” (meaning “Peace”) embedded in the institution's name, the aim and mission of this integral enterprise model involves not only the holistic healing of the local community, but it reaches even further, aspiring to contribute to the regeneration of our planet as a whole. Through the integration of the four dimensions of “Pax Communis” (Learning Community), “Pax Spiritus” (Humanistic Practices), “Pax Scientia” (Academia) and “Pax Economica” (Enterprise and Economics), Pax Herbals fuses the indigenous with the exogenous, the past with the present, to inspire and drive societal transformation as well as planetary regeneration. Pax Herbals has further developed their very own economical approach called “Communitalism”.