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15-16 June: "Let’s Redesign Education and Development"

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... and learn from each other to create a just and peaceful future for all!”

– Dr. P.V. Rajagopal, The living Gandhi of India, Visits Home for Humanity France, to plant Peace Pole, deepen partnership, and prepare the One Home Journey and One Home UnivEARTHsity.

“Today, we need radical change in education and in the design of development activities. We need a Ministry for Peace!  We need delivery of justice to the poorest sections in society, through non-violent means, which has been the focus of my organisation, Ekta Parishad, for 40 years. Together, we can all learn from each other’s experience, and create a just future for all!” 

This was one of the inspiring messages of Dr. P.V. Rajagopal, during his visit to Home for Humanity, France, where he planted the Peace Pole in the Unity Park, and addressed World Unity Week. This renowned Founder of Ekta Parishad and Jai Jagat and laureate of the 2023 Niwano Peace Prize is lovingly called the living Gandhi of India, for his extraordinary lifetime devoted to non-violent action to secure the rights of the most marginalised indigenous peoples and landless peasants. (Hear about his historic Peace marches on his 3 min video testimony here:

Dr. Rajagopal rightly underscores the urgent need to transform education, redesign development and create non-violent economies to build a peaceful and just future for all. 

We are glad to deepen further our partnership with Ekta Parishad and Jai Jagat and draw on their decades of grassroots experience, as we build up the One Home UnivEARTHsity for regenerative future building. This ‘UnivEARTHsity’ transforms education through whole-life-based, emancipatory, co-learning programmes during the One Home Journey, offered freely as a gift to people of all ages and backgrounds - without any prior qualifications, except motivation! It also accelerates the emergence of non-violent economies of wellbeing. All participants will be mentored and connected with peers worldwide to co-innovate their purpose-based initiative to generate just and regenerative livelihoods that serve their local communities, and our shared home, the Earth.

Wouldn’t you love to join or support us to build up the One Home UnivEARTHsity, with fellow Earth Citizens in every country on Earth, to jointly co-create a just, peaceful and regenerative future for all? You are warmly welcome!

Discover and be inspired by the remarkable work of Dr. Rajagopal and Ekta Parishad and Jai Jagat

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