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1 May 2023: PaShumba Integral Home - A New Upcoming Home for Humanity in Zimbabwe

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

On the eve of International Labour Day, we celebrated the launch of PaShumba Integral Home, as an upcoming Home for Humanity in Zimbabwe. Spearheaded by George Machanja, a Family Father with four children (Noma, Prince, Zoe and Atarah), this upcoming small farm in Mushinga Village in Murewa District, Mashonaland East province of Zimbabwe, is committed to serve its local community.

Just one week ago, PaShumba Integral Home has officially launched its tree and flower nursery. On the same day, 300 tree saplings were donated to the villagers, who committed to take this practice forward. All this took place in the presence of village Head Mr Noel Mushinga, who pledged to promote this noble cause further throughout the village of nearly 200 families. Mr Mupezeni, the Village Security Officer, added: “From this day onwards, I will only permit anyone to cut a tree when they show me one they have planted from PaShumba Integral Home.

George and his family have also recently built a vermicompost digestor which will produce rich organic soils containing diverse plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. This will allow PaShumba Integral Home to grow organic horticultural produce for healthy food and to further support food security in the community. The apiary has been expanded to nine bee hives and so far 30 litres of Honey have been harvested for local sale.

George has participated in Home for Humanity’s course journey: “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” held from October 2022 till January 2023.

We welcome PaShumba Integral Home to the family of Homes for Humanity worldwide.

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