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Strategic Outlook 2022-2024
Our Humanity Compass


Our Mission
to support the inherent potential:

  • of individual to become agents of transformation fulfilling their purpose as creative earth citizens,

  • of homes to become seedbeds for ecological and societal regeneration, and

  • of cultures to contribute distinctively to shaping an inclusive Earth Civilization for all life


Our Values
are: humanity-in-unity, compassion, co-creation, regeneration, ecological consciousness, cultural creativity, inclusion, justice and reciprocity.


Our Threefold Strategic Focus

  • Integral Home Programme

  • Homes for Humanity Programme

  • Earth Home Programme

The collective power of homes and of our awakened humanity acting in unity form an unstoppable force for planetary transformation.

In order to ground this vision, to make it realizable, and to take everyone on to this exciting journey - it is rooted in home. It is manifest at Home for Humanity in France and in many more homes around the world and home organizations that have manifested a holistic, integral, regenerative vision to participate and transform local communities and societies.

We are a growing movement of changemakers and transformers from every walk of life, all cultures bringing their creative, cultural wisdom, knowledge, ideas and innovation together so a new civilization for all beings can rise.

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"The report presented here eloquently summarizes  what an inter-generational group of committed earth
citizens using their inner and outer homes can do to
transform our collective consciousness of impending
disaster into meaningful actions for the wellbeing of
people and planet.”

- Foreword by Youssef Mahmoud, Tunisia
Former Head of UN Peace Operations in Central Africa

"Friends, I warmly welcome all aspiring agents of transformation to heed the message of Home for Humanity: that each individual, each home, and each culture, is essential to the co-creation of our collective future on our beloved home planet.


Share the vision, become part of the practice, and help us together to author the new story of our humanity."

- Foreword by Jean Houston, USA
Human Potential Movement

An Open Invitation

We invite all individuals, all homes, initiatives, small organizations and movements to join this growing community and collectively work towards restoring, participating and co-creating a shared earth home for all forms of life.
- Rama Mani & Alexander Schieffer, India, France, Germany

Co-Founders of Home for Humanity

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