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8 April 2022: Jean Houston, USA, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

In this poignant short video message from Prof. Jean Houston, Evolutionary Leader, Founder of Social Artistry, Chancellor of Meridian University, and Co-Chair of Home for Humanity, Prof. Houston initiates us into "PIONEERING PATHWAYS: from our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future"


"Dear friends,

Has there ever been a time when our collective conscience has been more urgently called to ‘go the lengths of God’? In this time of foreboding, it is with relief and rapture in equal parts that I share with you just such a spark to arouse the collective conscience of our humanity: 'Pioneering Pathways: From our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future'

This is not a typical ‘book’ but a catalyst to ignite the depths of our imagination to co-author a new story, and manifest together the emerging, inclusive Earth Civilization. In this short video that "initiates" Pioneering Pathways, I offer you a glimpse of what awaits you on this journey.

Pioneering Pathways brings us the concrete stimuli for transformation by a veritably Shakespearean cast of characters comprising 88 changemakers aged 7 to 91, from 43 countries as diverse as Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan to Syria or Sri Lanka, all associated with Home for Humanity. Co-founded by my dear friends, Rama Mani and Alexander Schieffer, Home for Humanity is a planetary movement of integral leaders, young changemakers, homes, communities, and organisations that lures us into actualising a shared vision of co-creating home on Earth - an inclusive, regenerative, just and peaceful Earth Civilization for all life. It has been so fulfilling for me to nurture this vision into ripeness over the past decade, hand in hand with Rama and Alexander.

Together, Rama, Alexander, and I have revived the spirit of the Agoras of ancient Greece, but updated them for our times into Earth Agoras: radically inclusive, sensory-rich, multi-modal forums, where Earth citizens of all cultures, colours and creeds, of all ages, can express their optimal template for our future, and where our collective intelligence can be distilled to shape a regenerative future. Pioneering Pathways emerged from Earth Agoras and invites all readers to host and participate in such Earth Agoras in their own homes, communities and organisations, to become co-authors and creators of our future, in this time of sombre endings and burgeoning beginnings.

You can enjoy the wit and wisdom of the future builders in Pioneering Pathways, twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Home for Humanity Youtube Channel. And you can read, download and share Pioneering Pathways with all your circles, at any time, at You can also follow the journey on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So, how else could I end, friends, but to reiterate the invitation: Join the Earth Agora! Co-author OUR new story!" Jean Houston Co-Founder, Human Potential Movement Originator of Social Artistry Chancellor, Meridian University

Please read, download and share widely your gift copy of Pioneering Pathways, as well as your feedback at:

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