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29 April 2022: Anselm Adodo, Nigeria, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

This is a video of Father Anselm Adodo, who turned his vision of preserving the indigenous knowledge of African Medicine into an integral enterprise-in-community: Pax Herbals. Located in a Benedictine Monastery in Ewu, Pax Herbals grew into becoming one of the largest manufacturers and research labs of medicinal products in Africa.


Founded in 1996, Pax Herbals has been continuously working in the frame of research and development, aimed at uncovering the healing power of nature through African indigenous herbal practices. After Father Anselm Adodo had traveled great parts of Nigeria, he discovered that most of the indigenous wisdom on native healing traditions was not well documented and researched, but way too valuable to lose! By now Pax Herbals is encompassing different institutions, such as laboratories, herbal and fruit gardens as well as education facilities with the purpose of preserving ancient knowledge and promoting preventive practices for holistic health.

Based on the initiative of Father Anselm Adodo and building on his own integral PhD with TRANS4M/Da Vinci, Pax Herbals is also actively partnering with Ibadan University, Nigeria, in offering a Masters Program for Social and Economic Transformation. Furthermore, Adodo, determined to revive African indigenous knowledge and to initiate contemporary African action research, has implemented an Africa-wide network of Action Researchers.

An exemplary Home for Humanity, Pax Herbals is also co-offering the "Unleashing the Power of Homes for Planetary Regeneration" course journey, soon to be launched by the global Homes for Humanity movement.

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