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25-26 September 2021, Global Humanity Team Retreat and Special Session for World Dream Day

On the last weekend of September and for World Dream Day, our Global H4H Team gathered for a retreat to envision and strategize the future into manifestation. The team came together with its shared and collective vision on how to "co-create home on Earth" while also embracing the personal visions and contributions of each team member. The weekend culminated with a special online session for World Dream Day.

Home for Humanity Dream Team

The weekend’s co-creative agenda was rich in dialogues and co-creative sessions, guided by Rama and Alexander as well as creative expressions. With members from all over the world joining both on the Home for Humanity grounds and online. We went deep into the H4H Vision and Mission and looked closely at the planned, upcoming educational programmes. We also had many rich dialogues on how we will work together as a Humanity Dream Team going forward.

We also got to enjoy the many creative expressions of the different group members. Cholpon from Kyrgyzstan playing the kumuz. Lara from Jordan sharing her poetry; Tatiana from Canada sharing her beautiful songs and Nyima from Switzerland/Tibet playing the piano for us.

Indoor sessions were mixed with sessions outdoors. We spent plenty of time together in nature on the magnificent Home for Humanity grounds and got to enjoy nourishing, plant-based foods together made by everyone with love from our different cultures.

The weekend also included a premiere of "Integral Home for Humanity Yoga" with Kajsa from Sweden. She guided us through a grounding and centering class combining different asanas, breath and mantras built on the four directions, following the Integral path of transformation.

To top it off, there was also late night dancing under the moon and the stars to this year’s rich production of inspiring Home for Humanity songs by global humanity team artists.

Premiere Screening - Home for Humanity Film

We also had the great joy of previewing an early version of the beautifully made Home for Humanity Film together with the filmmakers: Elif Tibet and Cihan Elci. We were all so impressed and inspired by the amazing work of Elif and Cihan truly capturing the essence of H4H and integral development and beautifully portraying Rama and Alexander. We can’t wait to spread this film in our networks and to the public as soon as it is released - presumably in January 2022.

World Dream Day - Dreaming it forward

The weekend culminated with a special World Dream Day online session in honour of World Dream Day together with the radiant founder herself, Ozioma Egwuonwu and Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, former UN Under Secretary General.

All team members shared their dreams and visions of their unique contribution to co-creating home on earth and Ozioma Egwuonwu and Dr. Youssef Mahmoud shared their inspiring perspectives and wisdom on the importance of dreams, co-creation and actualization. A few words we take with us...

Ozioma Egwuonwu: “Our dreams are not just for ourselves. Our dreams are for each other. And when we come together in service of a higher dream and we move that forward, then we will transform our world into one that is regenerative, one that is inclusive and one that honours what we all are truly capable of.”

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud: “Dreaming is the passport to future-back-thinking where you lead from the future”.

And a few words from the participants on the weekend

Josephine Böllhoff, Germany: "As a global community, we are constantly finding new ways of being together as a team at the same time as we are spread all over the globe. Coming together on Zoom has once again been a wonderful experience and I felt as though I was at Home for Humanity together with the rest of the team. Geographically apart does not mean being apart by heart after all and there is no place where I am able to feel that truth as much as with the H4H team."

Christina Martin, U.S.A.: "A weekend of dreaming big, getting in touch with the vision I have for my own life and watching and planning for the continuing dream for H4H to unfurl." Tatiana Speed, Canada: “My work with Rama, Alexander and the H4H Team has sparked and catalysed me into new realms of creativity and understanding. I was able to tune in online from Canada for the launch of Elif Tibet’s film and the World Dream Day Celebration. Both events filled me with inspiration and joy.

All H4H Team Participants

Annia Costermani-Visconti, Switzerland-Venezuela

Samaneh Shabani, Iran

Cholpon Kainazarova, Kyrgyzstan

Ely Cossio, Columbia

Louise Maunoir, Switzerland

Boryana Milova, Bulgaria

Nyima Sauser, Switzerland-Tibet

Menna Assad, Egypt

Elif Tibet, Turkey

Cihan Elci, Kurdistan

Christina Martin, USA

Tatiana Speed, Canada

Lara Sabella, Jordan

Sujatha Devaraj, India

Josephine "Phini" Böllhoff, Germany

Kajsa Liedén, Sweden

Rama Mani & Alexander Schieffer, India/France, Germany/France

Kajsa Liedén, Sweden

Team Coordinator, Communications and Wellbeing Adviser Humanity Team, Home for Humanity

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