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18 July 2021: Video Launch - From Inspiration to Big Imagination

VIDEO LAUNCHED ON 18 JULY 2021: NELSON MANDELA INTERNATIONAL DAY, honouring Mandela's powerful advocacy for education. Beat Mueller is a student of the University St. Gallen, Switzerland and is currently (2021) in the 4th semester of his studies in International Affairs. As part of the course “Reshaping International Development - Pioneering Cases from Five Continents” by Prof. Dr. Alexander Schieffer, he was able to create and perform this poem, with the goal to summarize his key take-aways from the lectures. In having the desire to learn and to have an impact through creative ways, Beat did not hesitate to take this opportunity to articulate sentences, that he thinks have the potential to change the way we think about development sustainably. Already having some work experience with an NGO in Jordan, he wants to further participate in addressing development issues, especially in the area of education, and is always interested in a new challenge. You can reach out to Beat at:

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