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12 March 2023: Kajsa LIEDÉN, Sweden/India: Integrative Health – Initiating Wake Well-Beings

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We proudly launch “Wake Well Beings” as a new Home for Humanity in India focusing on Integrative Health – emerging out of our recently completed course journey “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”.

Enjoy this short video, produced by the founder of this new Home for Humanity, Kajsa Liedén, a Swedish former corporate lawyer, who transformed into a Yoga Teacher, Organizational Well-Being Expert and Integrative Health Coach.,

About me

I’m a dedicated coach, student and teacher within the fields of integrative health, somatic trauma healing, yoga and meditation. Combining practices from yoga and Ayurveda with neuroscience and functional medicine - viewing our body-mind system as one integrated whole and the starting point for connection, vitality & unitive consciousness.

I’m born and raised in Sweden but live in India with my partner, currently setting up a new personal and organizational home in Ladakh.

I love to create safe spaces for people to go inwards, watching our conditioned minds,

deeply connecting with our body, inner knowing, and essence. I’m deeply passionate about supporting women through stress and trauma healing, coaching, and strengthening well-being to shift survival energy towards connecting with our unique gifts and purpose and then follow it into the outer world.

My purpose is to use my voice and time to contribute to healing, consciousness elevation and societal transformation. Aspiring to inspire the combination of inner healing work with outer work that supports a liveable future.

Intended commitment and impact during 2023 is to:

- Launch this initiative and website in January,

- Work on outreach and communication,

- Find organizations to collaborate with,

- Grow the one-to-one coaching and offer classes online,

- Setting up a local base in Ladakh to host classes and retreats.

Integral Model

Image underlying manifesto & initiative

The mandala, a symbol of the Universe in its ideal form, of unity, wholeness and the interconnectedness of all life. It consistently reminds me of the inner and outer work I want to devote this lifetime to which is the essence of my initiative. Inner development, transforming suffering and delusion into understanding, joy, presence and wholeness, and contributing to the outer restoration and regeneration of our world into its possible form.

Please watch her video ( produced by Kajsa Liedén) a Yoga Teacher, Former Lawyer and Organizational Well-Being & Integrative Health Coach as part of the virtual course journey:

“Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” held from October 2022 till January 2023.

Wake Well-Beings has been acknowledged as a new Home for Humanity.

This is Kajsa’s Commitment Statement: “To offer integrative health coaching, well-being, yoga, trauma healing, and stress management.”

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