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YouthxYouth (YxY, “Youth by Youth”) is a global learning community of youth education activists and adult allies dedicated to transforming education for collective liberation. Through our digital and in-person programming, we build the capacities of young people to influence, design and transform their learning experiences and education systems.




Towards a positive impact for all.


There are two interconnected social problems that YouthxYouth is addressing. The first is the inadequacy of our current industrial education system to prepare young people for a rapidly changing world. The second is young people’s need for support, guidance, and community in a world in transition.

Most efforts being made to transform education either do not include young people (especially from the Global South) or include them very marginally or tokenistically. At YouthxYouth, we center on serving youth education activists and supporting them through learning experiences, community, resources, and the mindsets and toolsets they need to challenge their education systems wherever they are. Moreover, instead of waiting for the whole of the education system to transform, we start by encouraging young people to reclaim their education as theirs today and support them in making sense of our highly complex world to make more informed decisions on what to dedicate their time and energy to.

Our solution is community. By building communities of care, online and in-person, young people first start to see that they are not alone in questioning their education systems and gain the confidence to ask deeper and deeper questions, which make for innovative and thoughtful projects that get deployed locally, while staying connected globally.

Moreover, we believe that by getting involved in advocating for systems change in education, young people build a core capacity they will need for the rest of their lives in an era characterized by rapid change.


A world where learning serves everyone: us, our communities, and the planet!

INNOVATION (to Humanity in Unity with all life): 

Our Weavership teaches the art of weaving to young people, enabling them to co-create local and global communities in service of education transformation and contribute to the creation of life-affirming futures. We support the personal growth and nurture capacity of hundreds of youth in our community, supporting their transitions into adulthood and their journeys as change-makers.

We are weaving an intergenerational, planetary learning community so we may all reclaim our love for learning and learn and create in service of all life.


Our vision for the next Seven Generations is one where we recognise that we must weave social change with others because we know that we won’t get to the life-affirming world we seek by working on our own. We recognize that for transformation to take place, we need each other and we need to recognize our interconnectedness with all of life as well as the interconnectedness of the issues we are dealing with. To create the world of our deepest longing, we need more and more people to embrace new ways of learning, being, and doing in the world and weave these new and ancient ways into the fabric of our new world.

We long to see young people everywhere reclaiming their learning and education; schools and universities changing from the inside-out, listening to young people as a way to transform and adapt to a rapidly changing world; governments setting up ways to listen to their young people on how to best adapt their education systems and global coalitions for alternative learning to support young people to gain needed skills for a world in transition.


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