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A UNITY EARTH Initiative



Choosing The Wellbeing of All Life


To address the issues of environmental degradation, a weakening cultural foundation, and destabilization of local communities, three “Purpose Pillars” serve as the foundation of Purpose Earth’s global grant and mentorship program: Environmental Restoration, Cultural Collaboration and Community Activation.

We believe in grassroots activation for real societal change. Grass roots organizations have greater longevity and produce immediate, real-world impact, increasing community strength, sustainability, and resilience. In addition to financial support, Purpose Earth provides ongoing mentorship, ensuring grantees have guidance in operational strategies to support longevity for long-term impact.

The Purpose Earth Grants Council is passionate about empowering and mentoring Change Makers at the grassroots level. The Council is comprised of leaders in the areas of environmental preservation, social justice, sustainability, cultural exchange, and operations management.

The Purpose Earth Production Team produces events and manages Purpose Earth’s social media platforms to bring to life the stories of our grant recipients. The events and social media presence feature global leaders and grass roots advocates working at the intersection of science, technology, transformative practices, and the arts, with the common thread of uniqueness, authenticity, and “unexpected” experiences.

Donors want to ensure their donations will have the most impact, and 100% of public donations to Purpose Earth go directly to grant recipients, who otherwise would not have adequate resources for their move their vision forward.


Global Grants and Mentorship Programs


Fund and Mentor Purpose-Driven People and Projects With Creative Solutions To Our Global Challenges.

INNOVATION (to Humanity in Unity with all life): 

Grassroots activation for real societal change.

Environmental Restoration, Cultural Collaboration, Community Activation



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