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LifeNet is a joyous and creative international community connected by common creative projects, despite living geographically far apart, mostly in Europe and America. We celebrate all the individuals who, during the different phases of our network, have co-created our history and our work for the web of life – and all those who are cooperating and collaborating in this present of challenge, change and transformation.




Network for life, geomancy and transformation


LifeNet was founded by representatives of different geomantic groups from Europe in the year 2000, at the threshold of the third millennium as an international network working through telepathic workshops, meditations, local groups and regular international gatherings.

At that time we understood that the Earth had entered its cycle of far and deep reaching changes, inevitably connected to the transformation processes within human beings. We decided to create a network that would help human beings to understand the approaching epoch of cosmic change – and to find ways to cooperate with Gaia and her elemental worlds in their efforts to sustain and promote life in the forthcoming time of dramatic change and transformation that is today’s reality.


Over the past 20 years the LifeNet community has cooperated through organizing geomantic and Earth healing workshops, creating Geopuncture and Lithopuncture installations with cosmograms cut in stone, and sponsoring and distributing monthly meditations, Gaia Touch body exercises, and telepathic workshops. Since 2008, every second year one of the LifeNet groups has organized an international creative LifeNet meeting.

INNOVATION (to Humanity in Unity with all life): 

LifeNet is based upon current and evolving geomantic knowledge, which is knowledge of the Earth’s multidimensional body and its elemental beings that belong to the different dimensions that keep our planet alive and imbued with Gaia consciousness. With our human consciousness, body and creative capacities we are a substantial and essential part of the network of life upon Earth.


"Cooperation between humanity and Gaia's beings abiding at different levels of the multidimensional space, and protecting Gaia‘s living space of love for children and children’s children."



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