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Kosmos is the journal for transformation, personal to planetary


Transformation in Harmony with All Life


Our roots are at the United Nations, where a group of globally-conscious, spiritually-oriented people, including NGO staff and ambassadors, integral thinkers and peacebuilders began meeting in the year 2000. This was the beginning of what eventually became Kosmos.

Since that time, a growing community of noted authors, local and global activists, world spiritual figures, economists and ecologists have been speaking urgently of a world in crisis and of a simultaneous awakening across many fields of endeavor to an elevated consciousness, no longer based on greed, competition, and scarcity, but one informed by fresh expressions of cooperation, ancestral wisdom, community-building, sharing, and innovation at all scales from local to global.


Kosmos Quarterly | a peer-reviewed e-journal of transformational writing, spoken word, video, music and art. Each issue of Kosmos is a deep dive into a special theme through the lens of transformation.

Kosmos Community | Our growing community of engaged global citizens working at the edge of transformation stay connected through our bi-weekly newsletter.

Kosmos and the UN | Kosmos enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations and participates in UN events and initiatives throughout the year.

Kosmos Live | Our podcasts explore the realities of the shifting global landscape. 


Personal Change to impact Global Change

INNOVATION (to Humanity in Unity with all life): 

Kosmos is a mission-driven, evolving group of associates working together to widen our vision of the possible in these transformative times. A new human and a new world is being born and you can track this emergence through Kosmos.


"Remembering that Nature has successfully supported life on Earth for billions of years, we begin the work of transforming our fear and healing our consciousness. All life has value in itself, and this value is not dependent on usefulness to humans. Aware that life is a vast web of interconnections, we will work to change our view that humans are superior to other forms of life on Earth and protect diversity."

"We may have strong views about what we think others should do, yet greater insight is revealed through the practice of deep listening. Accumulating facts is not wisdom. By working closely with others, we will continually seek ways to protect the lives of people, plants and animals, minerals, ecosystems, and watersheds. We will make decisions and plans that take into account the needs of children, not just in the present, but also for generations to come."



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