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Ignite Productions is a media company dedicated to amplifying the voices and missions of individuals, artists, visionary leaders and thinkers and projects through the power of storytelling. With a commitment to authenticity and creativity, they specialize in crafting consciousness-raising projects that ignite inspiration and foster connection. By capturing the heart and soul of their clients' journeys, Ignite Productions creates compelling narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting impression and illuminating the extraordinary in every story.


To Inspire, Awaken & Ignite

We all have a story to tell.


Ignite Productions is a pioneering media company that blends creative storytelling, cinematic visuals, and a mission-driven ethos to amplify voices and catalyze positive change. With a focus on beauty, authenticity, and transformation, they offer a heart-centered approach to media production, guiding clients towards their most genuine self-expression. Additionally, they provide somatic work and counseling to support individuals overcoming camera shyness or visibility issues, ensuring each story is told with confidence and authenticity.


Media Production, videography, music, storytelling, documentary, music videos, and legacy films etc..


To hold impeccable space and support others to share their authentic stories; to bring more love into the world through the medium of creative storytelling; to be a revolutionary force for bringing down barriers between people and celebrating the unique diversity of cultures and individual expressions while unifying humanity under one cohesive banner The Empire of Love.

INNOVATION  ( to Humanity in Unity with all life ): 

Ignite Productions brings together creative storytelling, cinematic visuals, and a mission-driven ethos.

With a deep value for beauty, authenticity, meaningful change and transformation, their projects raise consciousness and support each individual to find their true authentic expression.

Through a heart-centered and emotionally intelligent approach to media production, Ignite Productions distinguishes itself, fostering an environment where individuals effortlessly tap into their genuine selves.

They also extend their expertise beyond the lens, offering somatic work and counselling to those navigating camera shyness or grappling with visibility issues. By facilitating transformative emotional processes, Ignite Productions empowers clients to embrace their voice, message, and complete selves with unwavering confidence and authenticity..


"We imagine a world of awakened beings living in full remembrance of their inherent divinity as love, while being fully embodied and connected to the earth and each other. 

A world where we are Embodied and Awake as vehicles for Love."



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