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The collective journey to build a shared Earth home 

begins with a single home – 

grounded in an integral philosophy and a regenerative way of life.


At the center of Home for Humanity is an Integral Home. 


It is a simple family home immersed in pristine nature in the department of Ain, France, near Geneva (Switzerland), the humanitarian and human rights capital of the United Nations. 

Since 2008 we have been developing this home into an ever-evolving role model for integral life, together with our students, partners and pioneers. Over time, it has grown into a catalytic campus to empower, educate and mentor an expanding alliance of agents of transformation, Homes for Humanity, transformative organisations and cultural initiatives from all cultures of humanity. Like life itself, this integral home is constantly enriched and expanded by every visitor who engages in the Home for Humanity journey. 


Our Manifesto expresses the Commitment of Home for Humanity’s Integral Home to actualize the Humanity Charter in all transformative programmes hosted here. 


We commit to make our Integral Home ...

2019 09 21 H4H Association Meeting All H


Our Commitment to Actualize

the Humanity Charter

in our Integral Home

By Tatiana Speed


 The Earth Family song, inspired by the Humanity Charter, and dedicated to Home for Humanity, was written by Tatiana Speed, transformative musician and Coordinator of Visioneers International Network. This film-diaporama is based on Tatiana personal selection of photographs and film footage by Eda Elif Tibet and Cihan Elci, and from the Home for Humanity website, illustrating the mission and activities of Home for Humanity's Integral Home Campus in France.


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2018 04 Home for Humanity Nature 2.jpg
2016 09 17 H4H Integral Peace Festival T



These convivial workshops provide a rich co-learning opportunity for motivated individuals to simultaneously experience the integral home and learn the Art and Science of Integral Transformation as applied to their own lives, while they help actively to build and develop the integral home campus. Each year, a fascinating and regenerative ‘home building’ project is proposed, to expand the capacity of the integral home to welcome transformation agents and host transformative programmes.



These Trans-cultural Local-Global Community Encounters serve to kindle Human and Planetary Transformation. 

Every season, Home for Humanity hosts uniquely participatory, transformative encounters that bring together distinguished global and local changemakers and artists, and provide a creative space of vivifying human exchange between the local community of Valromey and participants from neighbouring countries on issues of shared concern. These events usually mark UN international days like the International Day of Peace, of Creativity, of Mother Earth, of Social Justice, and strengthen the partnerships between International Geneva and Home for Humanity.    

Also, once each year, a Humanity  in Unity Transformation Forum and Festival is held at the Integral Home campus. This serves as the meeting ground for the Humanity in Unity Alliance, to deepen peer-mentoring and mutual support to and learning from each other's transformative initiatives. The Forum culminates in a multi-cultural festival where the local community is also invited to discover the alliance members and their inspiring transformation initiatives, and to join the Home for Humanity family.

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