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Education for Humanity


We aspire to enliven learning, transform education and innovate knowledge creation to serve human, societal and planetary renewal.

An integral and transformative approach to education,

learning and knowledge creation is the fundamental driver

for innovating a regenerative future for the Earth Home. 


We seek to transform the transaction-based industry of education for personal career advancement into a life-based and life-long processes for human and societal transformation.


From Bachelor, to Masters, to PhD, Home for Humanity, in partnership with TRANS4M 

and Theatre of Transformation Academy, hosts cutting edge integral education and research programs to pioneer paradigm shift and enact human and global transformation.


Our integral education and transformation programmes are offered in partnership with distinguished universities, such as University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Geneva Academy for Human Rights at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Switzerland, and Da Vinci Institute, South Africa.


We purposefully take academic courses out of the university classroom and bring them into an integral home. Further, we transform the hitherto hierarchical relationship between professors/supervisors and students, into co-creative enquiry, learning and knowledge creation. By building caring living-learning communities, we generate a fertile seedbed for personal and societal renewal.


We call this programme "Humaniv-EARTH-sity", to emphasize the urgency that our educational programmes, worldwide, have to serve the sustainable development of our home planet. 








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This unique PhD is a cutting-edge action-research-for-impact journey for highly motivated women leaders from all continents who are deeply committed to fulfilling their purpose while serving planetary regeneration. Each doctoral candidate develops through research and applied action a transformative, integral and impactful solution to the burning issue she is most concerned about in her society. She builds up a country-wide ecosystem of allies and partners, to maximise scope and impact. The doctoral candidates work as a cohort of peer mentors across continents, to synergize and magnify their joint contribution on a planetary scale. They draw for inspiration and support on the pioneering visionaries, changemakers and organizations in Home for Humanity’s Humanity in Unity Alliance.


This Ph.D. is developed and directed by TRANS4M together with Theatre of Transformation Academy. It is delivered in partnership with and accredited by Da Vinci Institute in South Africa, a reputed Mode 2 University, co-established by Nelson Mandela expressly to ensure that higher education is of direct service and benefit to society.



Moving towards a paradigm shift in education, we design and run university accredited educational journeys that interconnect the development of self, organisation, community and society, and that are of transdisciplinary, transcultural, transpersonal and transformational character. Seeking to make contributions to individual lives and collective development impulses in a locally relevant manner, we break down the artificial borders between university and society.


Education, for us, needs to be at the same time centred around the inner developmental calling of individuals, while addressing the burning developmental issues of our societies. The ultimate objective of education, for us, is the holistic development of people and planet.

We cooperate, via TRANS4M and TOFTA, with many transformatively oriented universities from around the world: e.g. St. Gallen University, Switzerland; Geneva Academy for Human Rights at the University of Geneva, Switzerland; GCSP Geneva Centre for Security Policy; United Nations Staff College; University of Oxford, UK; University of Johannesburg, South Africa; Ibadan University, Nigeria; Meridian University,  USA; and Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, Egypt.

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