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Sri Lanka


Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne




Community Development & Peacebuilding

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)

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Inner Home:  Finding meaning and fulfilling purpose in service to community and society.

Promoting Paurushodaya (personal awakening of the individual) through the practice of loving kindness, compassionate action, altruistic joy and equanimity.

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Local Home: Renewing community and culture through integral purpose-based initiatives/livelihoods.

Practicing Gramodaya (village awakening) by addressing the physical, spiritual, moral, cultural and social needs of the local community in an integral manner.

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Earth  Home is:  Fuelling systems change and collectively co-creating ‘home on Earth’.

Fostering Vishvodaya (awakening of the world) by building resilience and promoting systems change through intentional community building globally.

Short Profile

For 65 years, the Sarvodaya Shramadana movement has been providing humanitarian aid with a general outreach to over 15,000 villages across Sri Lanka, responding to a multi-dimensional crisis of medicine shortages, lack of safe access to nutritious food, inadequate infrastructure and gender-based violence.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


The movement promotes integrated human development through Sarvodaya (awakening of all) by encouraging Shramadana (sharing of time, thoughts, and energy) within local communities. It fosters a peaceful culture of mutual support and empowerment.


Following the motto “Village-to-Village, Heart-to-Heart”, Sarvodaya greatly supports the creation of independent village organizations which facilitate their own economy and societal infrastructure. By now, 5,400 registered village societies have been established.

Fields of Activity

Peace-Building, Community Empowerment

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