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Mathare Social Justice Center



Gacheke Gachihi

Esther Waigumo


Mathare Social Justice Center


Championing Socio-economic Prosperity

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)

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Inner Home

Vision: To have a Mathare free of human rights violations. REALISE THIS VISION

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Local Home

As a Home for Humanity, to spearhead this reality into Society

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Earth  Home

To help us work holistically to embed our initiatives in the local economic and social structures to ensure community support.

Short Profile

MSJC is a community based organization located in one of the largest informal settlement of Kenya. We advocate for social justice through community organizing, campaigns and documentation of human rights violations.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Commitment; Solidarity; Integrity; Inclusiveness; Nonpartisan and Collective Leadership


MSJC works within a determined network of close to 30 grassroots centres committed to human rights and social justice issues in Kenya. While the majority of its members are between the ages of 18-45, Mathare worsk with and for all generations, genders and ethnicities.

Fields of Activity

Community Empowerment, Youth for the Future, Women for the Earth, Peace-Building

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