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Kamal Family Home




Zahira Kamal


Kamal Family Home


Political Resistance and Renewal

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Inner Home

Recognising that our diverse backgrounds require relationships to solve common societal problems.

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Local Home

Starting a home-grown initiative that invites people from different faiths and political groups to co-create and navigate positive change together.

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Earth  Home

Empowering particularly marginalised communities, as youth and women, through opportunities to discuss and engage in social and political initiatives.

Short Profile

The Kamal Family Home is a home-grown initiative that promotes social cohesion and political renewal in the heart of Jerusalem. By opening its doors to people of all faiths and ethos, the Family Home provides a meeting place for critical dialogue and community empowerment based on mutual respect and understanding.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


The Kamal Family home is birth place to various action groups focussing on the empowerment of women. Its innovation reaches from providing legal and social aid, over study resources to the establishment of the International Women's Commission.


As well as bringing people together around local issues, the initiative engages people in political activism, stands in solidarity with women in post-war countries, represents women at national and global conferences and forums, and continues to make a significant contribution to policy-making at local and global levels.

Fields of Activity

Peace-Building, Women for the Earth, Community Empowerment

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